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  1. Display current gear on the dash?

    My F150 will display what gear I am in on the dash, is there a setting on the Bronco that would allow you to turn this feature on? Thanks
  2. What trucking company did you use to ship your Bronco?

    What trucking company did you use to ship your Bronco home, and how satisfied were you with their service? Also did you pay for a covered truck or did you ship it uncovered? Thanks, Mark
  3. In production?

    I found this update in the my.ford.com site today, and I am just trying to get clarification as to what it really means, it states that my Bronco is in production but there is no checkmark and the build date is still 4/14/23, is this just letting me know that they are collecting all the parts...
  4. My way of saying thanks to Granger Ford, and Albert.

    Granger ford has been great every step of the way, so I decided to get this for my Bronco. I also had to honor Albert. Thanks Zach, and everyone else at Granger who works so hard for all of us.
  5. Area 51

    I saw a blue Bronco sport at my local dealer today, so I called and asked what color it was because it was much darker than what I thought Area 51 would be, and when the girl that answered the phone told me it was area 51 I was very disappointed o_O because from most of the pictures I have seen...
  6. Trail turn assist?

    I have looked a couple of times in the B&P and can't find it, has anyone been able to fond it? Thanks in advance. Mark
  7. What Color is this?

    Can anyone identify this color for me? is this Velocity Blue? This is the color that I would love to have on my 4 door Badlands with a white hard top. Thanks in advance.