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  1. Two Sasquatch packages…

    Am I the first to notice? Beadlock capable vs not
  2. Just built (online) a Lexus GX Overtrail+

    I started with the basic Overtrail+ and added every option, all installed accessories, additional accessories, addons, etc. the price started at $75,900. After all options, etc. it ended at $122,803. 137 addons including 19 different coolers, 30 pet accessories, 5 tents/awnings, and 14...
  3. Fuel Economy Gauge Cluster Rolling MPG avg question

    There are two “chapter rings” for the in between values (tick marks). The inner chapter ring I figured out… It’s the outer chapter ring I can’t figure… What’s up with that?
  4. Auto down windows with unlock…

    Can I ask the dealer for that re-programming on my ‘23? Also, if I only unlock the driver’s door, is that the only one that comes down, or do all 4?
  5. Used 2022 Base Base dealer price

    2022 Base, aftermarket MT wheels and AT tires. ~1 1/2 years old, 45k miles, $6k price drop, still asking $35,880. Is this still considered Bronco hype markup or regular current market markup?
  6. MY’23 misbuild front plastic vs. steel bash plates gets a “Customer Satisfaction Program”

    My dealer replaced the misbuild plastic bash plates with steel not long after I took delivery, some dealers weren’t so inclined, glad Ford stepped up. (MY’23 Base w/Sasquatch got misbuild)
  7. Should he be offended…

    …that I didn’t wave?
  8. Best speed for MPG performance?

    Update: 39 psi tires and set cruise to 65 mph, got 25 mpg most of the way. I’m getting ready to take a trip to Florida for a week, ~1000 miles, mostly flat. What should I set cruise to to maximize MPG? I’ll be hopefully going to Texas Offrodeo later in year, ~2000 mile round trip, will be...
  9. Circles in back windshield…

    Hardtop back glass, they look like the suction cups that hold the glass during installation. I’ve scrubbed inside and out, won’t go away. Anyone else notice?
  10. Double Honk got nixed w/update?

    Got my second update in a month, this update said it fixed the modem issue with FordPass disconnecting, but the update a month ago seemed to fix that. Then I noticed today when I got out of the vehicle with key fob in pocket, it didn’t double honk. Anyone else? 4/21/23 update:
  11. Quick! If you’ve never rotated your fifth wheel/tire…

    …take a pic. Was your tire perfectly aligned with the wheel like mine? Or was I lucky? Post your pic.
  12. MY’23 windshield replaced, make my MAP sticker sticky again.

    Any suggestions? It was already bubbling at the bottom, is this a futile attempt? I saved the sticker to wax paper.
  13. Metal skid plates installed after mis build

    Base broncos with Sasquatch and modular bumper were supposed to get the metal skid plates, but several of us got plastic (early December 2022 for MY’23). Finally got them and the new windshield put in today (came cracked). If they gave you crap, stick to it, it was on your window sticker, they...
  14. Easter egg? Bronco blinker…

    I’ve seen threads complaining about the volume of the blinker. I noticed it sounded different than rangers and f150’s. Then it dawned on me, it sounds like a horse “clip clop”. Gotta be an obnoxious Easter egg joke from a ford engineer.
  15. FordPass stopped working, ford says…

    FordPass stopped working 5 days after we took delivery (1/27), no more position (gps), remote start, lock/unlock, etc. Tried deleting users and re-adding, tried resetting FordPass, tried master reset, now it won’t get the signal from ford to the radio about the reset. Called ford and the nice...
  16. MY23 base audio system w/subwoofer

    Anyone with a MY23 base audio with factory subwoofer, can you confirm sub’s location? Some said in the rear right like the B&O, some said in the center of the dash.
  17. Factory window tint

    A friend got their basesquatch a month ago MY ‘22 MIC, no tint. I’ve seen others come with some tint. Anyone know if MY ‘23 MIC comes with tint?
  18. 1 1/2” leveling kit, does it require forscan?

    For a Sasquatch base, considering that you’re changing the pitch of the vehicle, will a leveling kit throw off the computer enough to need recalibration of any sort, like forscan? Pitch of vehicle, g forces, etc. affect how the Sasquatch shocks handle, do they not?