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  1. Bronco Off-Roadeo Tennessee Becomes Fifth and Newest Location. Registrations Open Today

    Having ridden through the area many times on motorcycle trips, I don't plan on going to Gatlinburg ever again. Tourist trap, one of the layers of hell. No thank you.
  2. bloominguez

    Georgia Bronco

    Well worth it. I went to the one outside of Austin, the first site when that was the only site. I wish this site had been available then. I went *before* I got my Bronco in 2022. You had to prove you had a confirmed order and give a refundable deposit, so people didn't go and then not follow...
  3. Bronco 2.3L sudden death on way home from work! ***UPDATE #2***

    Seems like overkill. I suggest pressing the clutch and moving the shifter into neutral. :)
  4. 2024 Land Cruiser 250 (LC250) vs. Bronco Black Diamond 2DR -- comparison photos & driving review

    Ah, so the lack of 2H on the Land Cruiser *is* a factor then, in your opinion. It's your preference, even in off-road situations. I don't disagree, I'd rather stay in 2L by default. It sounds like it's not so much a technical difference that's at issue. The 4A and 4H in the two vehicles...
  5. 2024 Land Cruiser 250 (LC250) vs. Bronco Black Diamond 2DR -- comparison photos & driving review

    Serious question, not being snarky, trying to follow the difference here: How is what the Land Cruiser offers so different than what the Bronco offers? Bronco, with the Sasquatch package, includes the advanced transfer case (2H/4H/4L/4A). 4A is AWD, as we know. FWIW, I optioned my non-Sas...
  6. 2024 Bronco Raptor Review by The Straight Pipes

    I'm not following. It looks like it has 4 doors and an automatic transmission. What am I missing? ;)
  7. You know you’re a B6G old-timer when….

    I remember being naive enough to think that the "rock stars" made a mistake when I wasn't able to select the Mid Package with a manual transmission for a Black Diamond build. I might have even messaged Ford about it. Turns out they knew what they were doing (trying to charge ~$10,000 for...
  8. Age and Reason for 2door and 4door buyers

    53, 2-dr all the way. Looks better in my opinion, more nimble in daily driving, long doors are better for taller drivers, etc. The biggest negative of the 2-dr is the miniscule fuel tank, which I admit is a major pain on long drives. All of this has been beaten to death. More importantly: At...
  9. The Most Common Bronco Colors You See? 🎨

    Follow-up: I would be genuinely curious to see similar photos, with reflections of the sky on the hood, on other Bronco colors. Particularly Cactus Gray and Robin's Egg Blue. Anyone?
  10. The Most Common Bronco Colors You See? 🎨

    I respectfully disagree, and I have the evidence to prove it. Velocity Blue Metallic is clearly the best for windshield shots (or "Bronco selfies" as I call them). Why? Because the blue works particularly well with a blue sky.
  11. Bronco Badlands finally arrives in Czech Republic

    Hmm, according to my math, you waited less than a year. Which is less than half the time many of us waited. A 10 month wait is nothing here on this forum.
  12. 20K Bronco Raptor report card A-

    Do you really think Sport mode increases power?? How are you sure? https://www.gearpatrol.com/cars/a33472816/what-does-sport-mode-do/ Please correct me if I'm wrong, but it was my understanding that Sport Mode merely changes the throttle mapping (and shift points), making you *think* the...
  13. The new 50th anniversary Bronco Ranger Edition.

    Fantastic!! Any thought to making the F O R D on the grill silver, not red? Photographer should have swung the rear gate a bit more closed, to match the old photo. Looks like you matched other details, like the angle of the front wheels for instance. Where did you get the Ford locking hub...
  14. Ugly MIC transport damage photos

    I'm not seeing the problem. -Ford Quality Control
  15. R.I.P. Raptor - 12/2022-9/2023

    Amazing that someone didn't see a Code Orange Braptor. Of all the vehicles you think would be obvious. Out of curiosity, did they actually say that?
  16. bloominguez

    Bay Area Broncos

    Serramonte Ford, @Gloff (Sean) is on this forum. Do a search, I think you'll see good feedback.
  17. Another Mid-Year Price Increase as of 07/25/23

    This thread prompted me to do some calculations. 14 months after taking delivery of my Bronco: List price has gone up $3,780, or 9.2%. Just did "build and price" if I were to buy my exact Bronco again today. Effectively much more than that, though, because I got $2475 in price protection...
  18. Another Mid-Year Price Increase as of 07/25/23

    Ford has to charge more. Because it takes longer to get the car from Michigan to other US states than from Japan or Germany. Seriously ... the way Ford does it. :)
  19. I (you) wish the Bronco came with…?

    Yes, at least one manufacturer allows this. On my Cadillac, holding "Lock" on the remote causes all windows to close. Also has the remote open feature, of course. https://www.cadillacvnet.com/forums/threads/all-windows-down.3373/post-58762...
  20. I (you) wish the Bronco came with…?

    I see a lot of comments like this, but ...... Aren't most such seats just *ventilated*, not cooled? As in, air gets circulated and blown on your ass and back, but it's not directly from the air conditioning? Semantics, perhaps, but genuinely curious. I have no idea what is most common, but...