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  1. ADV Production Modular Hardtop!

    I will see what happens in January.
  2. ADV Production Modular Hardtop!

    I very much appreciate this explanation. I would rather wait and have you get it right instead of being an involuntary beta tester. I appreciate the dedication to build a quality product. I would have appreciated getting this explanation sooner. My anxiety level would have been much lower. I...
  3. Canvas / Twill Doors

    I have the Ford tubular doors. It would be easy to add canvas to them and add a wire door window frame to the top of the tube and have something similiar to the old canvas doors of the jeeps.
  4. Any taken delivery of ADV modular hardtop?

    I wished I had your optimism.
  5. Advanced Fiberglass Concepts Hardtop Delivery?

    Yes, well here it is November 2023. Basically a year after they said they would be shipping. It is frustrating that there is no real explanation as to what is going on, what steps are being taken and a realistic projection as to when shipping will commence. Like you said, same old song and...
  6. Metro Gloss Blu Glauco Vinyl Wrap on 8” ADV kit

    That is indeed one righteous rendition of Bronco 6G. Color is great, the flared fenders are well done and the wheels and tires work with the total look. Great job!
  7. ADV Production Modular Hardtop!

    One simple question. Has @ADV Fiberglass delivered one single top to anyone else beside Mitchell Watts at TC Customs?
  8. Any taken delivery of ADV modular hardtop?

    The last reply I received from @ADV Fiberglass for my order from April 4, 2022 was now October. I will be stunned if I do not hear delay until November rather than receive my top in October. It is hard to keep the faith but what choice do I have now but to wait and wait and hope for the best.
  9. Advanced Fiberglass Concepts Hardtop Delivery?

    My order was placed and paid for April 4, 2022. I received an email yesterday pushing delivery date now into late October. It seems that whenever I contact Advanced Fiberglass, delivery gets bumped out another month. I will be sure to post when and if I receive my hardtop. If you think that...
  10. AK Snows 2021 Bronco First Edition Build Thread

    That is very much a dream machine! You did an incredible, well thought out and well executed build. Since this is an Alaska ride, can you comment on your tire choice as it relates to dealing with snow. Go ahead and LOL with the question coming from a guy in Florida, but I just got back from a...
  11. Want the Obx but with the Badland tires

    I kept mine just in case.
  12. Tested ARB skid plates 😂

    It was the right thing to do! Good Call ARB!
  13. Want the Obx but with the Badland tires

    Full disclosure: I have a 2 inch RC coils over shocks lift kit on this build.
  14. Want the Obx but with the Badland tires

    I had the original non-Sasquatch gray trim rings but badly scratched (gouged) one. Found these on EBay. I like them better.
  15. Want the Obx but with the Badland tires

    My dealer Performance shop hooked me up for the Badlands tires and wheels (5) that were taken off upon delivery for less than the cost of the BF Goodrich AT KO2s. They look great on my OBX,
  16. I took my Bronco to the end of the highest road in Idaho yesterday...

    I really enjoyed the Grand Canyon. I have made it to Idaho to my son’s house. My grandchildren love the Bronco. When I pulled into get gas, a gentleman asked me all about the Bronco. His wife is looking to buy one. A 2Dr Badlands pulled in and it was a Bronco love fest. The Bronco is running...
  17. I took my Bronco to the end of the highest road in Idaho yesterday...

    I’m on day 6 of my cross country journey in my Bronco. I’m at the Grand Canyon today and will be in Idaho on Wednesday . I love traveling in my Bronco! 4 doors give you the room to load up inside. Idaho is beautiful!
  18. Did you know Ford built Jeeps and gave it it’s iconic grill

    Thank you for sharing the great story and wonderful photos. You are indeed blessed to have this gem kept in the family!
  19. Rim protector trim rings?

    I tore one up pretty good. They were the gray metallic from a non Sas badlands. They are aluminum I believe and those scratches were pretty deep. I found some silver rings on EBay and replaced them all since I couldn’t find the gray ones.