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  1. 2024 Bronco Raptor Review by The Straight Pipes

    Raptor is awesome. Better ride, better interior, faster, quieter. It is $30k better than any other trim.
  2. For Anyone Wanting Smoking Deals, Bronco Raptors Are About To Free Fall In Price

    There's a Code Orange brand new 23 out there Cella Ford in North Carolina for $84,995 Eric Mikul.
  3. Sasquatch Tire conundrum

    I trust any good shop will tell you if there is a tire issue causing your failure / holes. A lot of real resources past the forum. I use the reviews at Tire Rack and their call in / chat / email. If you don't know a shop, I trust Discount Tire stores generally.
  4. Sasquatch Tire conundrum

    Go to a tire dealer? My guess is something that you ran over. Slime would fix the pinholes and any future pinholes. I think a carcas failure would mean belt separation and catastrophic failure of the tire, not swiss cheese holes. The way these are made, no holes unless you run over something...
  5. Sasquatch Tire conundrum

    I like the OE Goodyear tires. They did great at Moab for the off roadeo. They grip, last for me and fling rocks. Plugs are fine. You could put in some slime for the pinholes.
  6. Granger Has Received Bronco Raptor Allocations- 2% Under Invoice!!

    Granger, the Granger Team and the order / purchase experience has been the best for us. We traveled from out of state to buy 3 times since 2022. We will purchase with Granger again!
  7. Paracord Grab Handles - LoneWolfSurvival

    Also ordered in 2023, never delivered and CC dispute to get refund. Previously ordered in 2022, and received. The back ones need to be longer, we got 4 with the back too short. Nice design. Horrible service.
  8. Cyber Orange remorse?

    Love Cyber Orange! It looks fabulous in the sun when it's clean. Dazzling sunburst Orange.
  9. Differences Between Wildtrak and Badlands

    Check th' Ford Website. The Badlands has HOSS 2 either way, with or without SAS. With SAS for '24: " HOSS 2.0 System with Bilstein PSDs, and high clearance ride height "
  10. Wildtrak needs front differential

    Well, GREAT NEWS. The differential was delivered. Appreciate all of the help. I contacted everyone at Ford that I could, and something happened. I could be rolling again Monday or possibly tomorrow. Thank you, Ford! Looking forward to rolling soon. Appreciate the forum help
  11. Wildtrak needs front differential

    Is that drive-able while you wait?
  12. Wildtrak needs front differential

    Thank you for this. Any tips to get this? Your insight is appreciated. We ordered 9/21 - delivered 6/23. Hope to be able to drive this again. We have a 141k Edge loaner to daily now.
  13. Bronco Wildtrak 22 will not start in negative degree weather

    How much fuel in the tank? Less than 1/2 tank there would likely be enough moisture in there to make it not start. Most likely cause. Tough to believe, but true. I keep them full in the winter, and never let them go below 1/2 overnight.
  14. Wildtrak needs front differential

    4L with the front locker on for the first time, and something in the differential snapped. 10" of snow, shifted to 4L, activated the lockers on a level snow covered gravel service road. Bad noises when the front wheels turned. Grrrr sound. Differential gears snapped. Not drive-able. Need a...
  15. What Have I Done to Piss Off Ford This Badly?

    Ordered July 20, delivered Jan 22. Ordered another September 21, delivered July 23. Love them both. Want another. It's worth the wait.
  16. I’m disappointed in a few Broncos on lot.

    Thank you, I'll do this!
  17. I’m disappointed in a few Broncos on lot.

    We have a 2021 that has a quality build. The hood is not level with the passenger fender, as many from 21 are. Doesn't bother me. Our 2023 has excellent panel fit. It's flawless.
  18. Replace all 5 or just 1?

    Yes, use the axle with the spare and put the new tire there. This is a situation that is my reason to not rotate a spare. I always have a newer tire to match up if - for me it's been when - something happens to one tire that's not repairable. Sometimes, I buy one tire to match the spare on one...
  19. Ophir Pass, CO - Badge of Honor (Oct 2023) with Bronco Black Diamond

    The trails around Marble, CO are rated accurately. People attempt them in Lexus and Subaru to their getting stopped by terrain they can't handle. 10 1/2 hours in 4L having fun over 2 days in July.
  20. Illinois 2023 Bronco Raptor For Sale $90k

    Thanks for the information!