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  1. Another aftermarket tire question - Black Diamond with 255/80 size tire

    You're right. I must have been drunk posting that night. 😆
  2. Pizza cutters

    I'm running Kenda 35x10.50R17s on my Wrangler and really like them.
  3. Pizza cutters

    We can't reccomend an upsize until we have vehicles to measure the stock tire clearance at full lock and flex. 255/85R16 looks and works well on the Toyota Tacoma . Which is about the same size and GVW as a Bronco. But again, this will be an unknown unknown until we get Broncos in the wild.
  4. Take a breath ......

    To the newbies on this forum surprised by production delays, option availability shifting right and prices rising........
  5. The Last Person to Post in this Thread Wins (AKA Random Thoughts Thread)

    ME doing Taxes............................the IRS
  6. Big Bend versus Black Diamond interior

    You're missing the point that waterproof vinal is by definition, not breathable. This is a problem above 100 degrees ambient air temperatures with the doors and top off sitting still. People still buy neoprene seat covers in certain parts of the country. In southern areas, using neoprene...
  7. Survey determines Americans' least favorite pizza topping and it isn't pineapple.

    Anchovies are the most disgusting thing. Eggplant on a pizza makes it an unfolded Calzone.
  8. Manual Transmission Q&A Master Thread

    I got dumber watching that. Jeeps use clutch pack LSDs made by Auburn. A company Chrysler has a +50 year relationship with. Ford uses full mechanical lockers on everything except for the mustang
  9. Manual Transmission Q&A Master Thread

    You can't get a 4D Base w/7M. Unless something changes, be ready to roll with Plan A(utomatic) on a 4D Base in 2022 too. Or a Plan B(ig Bend) for a 4D 7M Sasquatch.
  10. Manual Transmission Q&A Master Thread

    The new Dana axle pinions get crumbly below 4.88. This is why even most Jeepers stick to 4.88 when running 35"-38" tires on the factory axles. A few are running 5.13, but they are a slim minority. On top of all that, the JL engines are weaker than the Bronco offerings and the Bronco is...
  11. 📷Spotted in the Wild..2 door Oxford White Badlands with Fastback

    It looks like the driver made it himself. :sneaky:
  12. STIG says Wildtrak height is 2" higher than other trims Sasquatch?!

    That's a real possibility. Jeep only used three shock models on the JK: base , sport s to Sahara, Rubicon Willys. The Bronco has the wheel travel limiting factor of the IFS front suspension. So a lift doesn't change total wheel travel. Lifting increases up travel exactly proportionate to the...
  13. Ford Performance Debuts Bronco 4600 Race Trucks

    Flipping that the other way, (For easy math) You could run, a 4.0 rear gear ratio , with a 2.0 front differential and a 2.0 portal hub. That would make the front differential ring and pinion significantly stronger without increasing the size of the differential. Just a thought.
  14. Ford Performance Debuts Bronco 4600 Race Trucks

    Well, .... That was disappointing.
  15. Remind me, what drivetrain differences with Sasquatch?

    Sasquatch always comes with the A4x4. It has the lower gear ratios to help with crawling on 35" tires. The 7M Sasquatch may or may not be exactly the same as the non-squatch 7M. An unknown at this time. Therefore, no actual price guesses.
  16. Sasquatch lite package

    You should be completely OK with light wheeling. Most Wranglers are running around on the weaker D30 axle and 35" tires don't make them explode in parking lots, or fly apart on the highway. Don't drive it like it's a Sasquatch or Rubicon, or even a Black Diamond on 32" tires and you'll be fine.
  17. ⚙ 2021+ Bronco 6th Gen - OEM Factory Rims / Wheels Specs (Sizes, Offsets, Bolt Pattern, Center Bore) ⚙️

    ****Going by the paper specifications**** The Sasquatch rims have 30mm offset with 12.5" wide tires. BL rims have 55mm offset with 10.5" tires. Going up to 35x12.50r17 (315/70R17) tires will add 1.5"" total width in rubber . 1.5" ÷ 2 = 0.75" wider per side of the mounting flange on the same...
  18. Sasquatch lite package

    The biggest tire Ford will go on the M190 aluminum front differential is 32". Open only. GM uses only 31" tires (IIRC) on the Colorado with a locked M190. And the strongest motor in the GM is about a powerful as the base 2.3L 4cyl in the Bronco. So, factor in the cost of the M210. The...