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  1. Thot this was supposed to be an off topic chat lounge????

    Came here for some amusement and it's filled with people posting their life decisions🙄🙄 Is there anything actually ot?
  2. OP = moderator of OP's thread?

    How about it? is it possible or does that give op too much control
  3. Black Diamond Bronco (Cyber Orange) spotted next to Jeep Wrangler Rubicon -- 2 Doors Compared

    Pics by buckeye1996 at the Jeep forums.
  4. so i was bored and started surfing the jl wrangler forums...

    https://www.jlwranglerforums.com/forum/forums/other-vehicles-general-automotive-chat.6/ some guys just won't give it a chance... https://www.jlwranglerforums.com/forum/threads/jl-wrangler-vs-bronco-rigs-side-by-side-look.60674/
  5. Let's talk about mountain bikes.

    I know there is already a thread on here about showing your bike off to other people, but nothing about having an in depth discussion about parts and stuff. I have a question. Does anyone have a good comparison of the Marzocchi Bomber Z1 Air fork vs Coil?
  6. The questions that don’t deserve their own questions thread (2021 Ford Bronco)

    i keep on getting tons of little questions in my head that don't deserve their own thread and there isn't and available thread where the question would be on topic. I'll start us off. What is the lowest trim available with Area 51? i won't know all the answers, but others will.... i sure hope...
  7. What Ford is doing with charities is great, but...

    I think that it's awesome how they are donates lots to charities like St. Jude and other deserving charities, but i think they should take even a little bit of that money and hire better rockstars... @JAGSarge and the other mods... if you feel this is not a good topic for discussion please lock...
  8. funny things you see on other forums

    i don't have an account on this forum but look what i found Dashcam - Mechanic leaning his arm on my hood
  9. Here's a place you can put all your unused quotes, and respond to them

    i actually don't have any right now, but it is annoying to leftover quotes(at least for me). so go ahead! post them!
  10. dayum

    WOW 50 notifs!
  11. If you think B6G gripes a lot

    check out the comments section of this ford authority post. https://fordauthority.com/2020/10/6-0l-power-stroke-v8-leads-to-fraud-ruling-against-ford/#comments-section it just gets worse and worse the farther you scroll down!!! ????
  12. Why do you answer all these stupid polls? [POLL]

    i mean, what's another poll?
  13. I wonder if this is what they did for the bronco

  14. perfect timing lol

    look how bored i am
  15. bronco rear a/c vents explained

    saw some of you were wondering how the rear ac vents in the bronco would not get water in them. saw this ford authority https://fordauthority.com/2020/09/how-ford-will-prevent-water-from-entering-rear-bronco-a-c-vents/ How Ford Will Prevent Water From Entering Rear Bronco A/C Vents by Brett...
  16. The B____ Thread

  17. Where did you put you bronco6g pineapple pizza sticker?

    post up some pics!
  18. this is just ridiculous

    https://classics.autotrader.com/classic-cars/1978/ford/bronco/101353216 i don't care how much money you put into any car - it aint worth 260k
  19. have you had any funny hoa stories?

    well, have you?