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  1. Designkid

    NJ/NY/Delaware/Eastern Pa./MD/Ct Volume Buyers?

    X3. I’m with them now. All I’ve heard is second hand they’re offering xplan and that’s it
  2. Designkid

    Bronco being tested with 37" Tires

    Here's your color walk-through Bronco Colors Painted Bodies Close Ups
  3. Designkid

    BWI Bronco Stabilizer Bar Disconnect Technical Information

    a lot less moving components then i thought. Just a couple solenoids. Nice write up
  4. Designkid

    Spied: 2023 Warthog Bronco Riding on Raptor-Spec Fox Shocks and 35" Sasquatch Tires

    Orange high-voltage cabling? Hybrid confirmed or that just something else?
  5. Designkid

    NJ/NY/Delaware/Eastern Pa./MD/Ct Volume Buyers?

    Exactly, you're not losing your "savings" from the deal, your spending it on the experience of driving your new rig across the Appalachians, hitting up some mountain trails on the way and taking in the sights...or at least that's how i'm justifying it to myself, haha
  6. Designkid

    Anybody into Formula 1?

    Been a big fan for 10 to 12 years now. Went to the Montreal GP a couple times. Fantastic experience especially when they were still running the V8's. Just getting pretty exhausted of Hamilton walking the field every race lately.
  7. Designkid

    Spotted: White 2021 Bronco with fender flares removed

    Man gotta love these "leaked" photos and their low-res quality. Took me awhile to notice that there wasn't even front seats in the vehicle.
  8. Designkid

    NJ/NY/Delaware/Eastern Pa./MD/Ct Volume Buyers?

    Especially considering its basically 50 or more 100% confirmed orders. Cool, you got 150 or 200 reservations but how many of those actually convert? 50%? Less? It's kinda dumbfounding
  9. Designkid

    What is the age of new Bronco buyers?

    37 and probably 38 buy the time I drive mine off the lot
  10. Designkid

    Official Paint Samples / Swatches For 2021 Ford Bronco Have Arrived. Cactus Gray = Jet Fighter Gray

    I'm 90/10 cyber orange/velocity blue. Definitely looking for that eye searing color after having white and tan in my previous two vehicles.
  11. Designkid

    Q&A and Pics From Bronco Super Celebration West – Day 2 (by irv0735)

    Nice! Might have to plan a last minute wheeling day and drive down
  12. Designkid

    Bronco Raptor / Warthog Prototype Spied Testing in Michigan!

    Rear suspension looks beefy. Something new since it appears that they've gone through the trouble of camo wrapping the shocks
  13. Designkid

    Well folks, I'm out, but I hope y'all love your new broncos!

    Fantastic color, you won't regret it. Here's my 2017
  14. Designkid

    Just signed up for Mustang Club of America for X-Plan pin

    Those stickers are going to look awesome on my Bronco next year, haha!
  15. Designkid

    Optional Screen Size

    I think the 200 accessories refer more to things like bike racks, winches, and maybe wheels not something included in one of the option packages. I could be wrong but I wouldn't count on it at all.
  16. Designkid

    Optional Screen Size

    I would pretty much bet on it only being in the high and up package. I don't see Ford doing a lot of alcarte options these days