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  1. Buckin' Bigfoot

    Question regarding rear flip up glass.

    Oh yeah, I think I’ve seen that before- good call, I’ll look into it! That Outerbanks rod setup was the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen - I knew someone would bring it up lol!
  2. Buckin' Bigfoot

    Question regarding rear flip up glass.

    I’ve been wondering this same thing, except for I’d be dealing with fishing rods. Yes, I know about the tube things you can mount to the top of the vehicle for fishing rods, but they are ugly as all hell.
  3. Buckin' Bigfoot

    Spotted: White 2021 Bronco with fender flares removed

    Inside of rear wheel well needs to be black and put some 35’s on this bad boy and we’re in business! Looks awesome!
  4. Buckin' Bigfoot

    Addressing Bronco Nation Friction

    So people actually pay to be part of a forum theses days??? What’s the benefit?
  5. Buckin' Bigfoot

    Sway Bar Disco Essentially Useless on IFS?

    It all depends on what you’re starting with 😂
  6. Buckin' Bigfoot

    Aftermarket lighting products - what company are you planning on using?

    What this guy said! I have rigids and bajas on my current vehicle- both are great products, the rigids look great, but the light output of the bajas is superior. As far as installation went I do have to say the Rigids were easier. Either brand will make you a happy customer.
  7. Buckin' Bigfoot

    Ford. Give us a Sasquatch Badge.

    How about a Sasquatch footprint?
  8. Buckin' Bigfoot

    Front Sway Bar Disconnect and Lift Kits

    It really depends on how it’s set up from the factory. The sway bar is usually attached to the frame AND the suspension in IFS systems, so when you lift the vehicle it essentially pushes “stuff” down away from the frame. This may result in needing new longer end links for the sway bar where it...
  9. Buckin' Bigfoot

    Jeep releases 100k SUV.

    I typically like Jeeps, but that thing looks like a Lincoln Navigator. LAME.
  10. Buckin' Bigfoot

    Spotted a Bronco Raptor / Warthog prototype?

    I thought the same thing, quite a bit more... or tiny tires 😂
  11. Buckin' Bigfoot

    Sway Bar Disco Essentially Useless on IFS?

    5” of travel is a big difference. (That’s what she said)
  12. Buckin' Bigfoot

    What Color is this?

    I think it’s race red :sneaky:
  13. Buckin' Bigfoot

    Muscle Car Owners Poll

    Never getting rid of her, but I’ll be adding a Bronco next year for some off road adventures.
  14. Buckin' Bigfoot

    Colorado Bronco Club

    What part of the state are you in? Planning on wheeling your new Bronco when it arrives?
  15. Buckin' Bigfoot

    Colorado Bronco Club

    @Sgt Beavis ha! That’s awesome, I was a Sgt. in the Marines a while back as well. Thanks for your service, brother.
  16. Buckin' Bigfoot

    Colorado Bronco Club

    @Sgt Beavis thanks man! How’d you come up with your screen name anyways?
  17. Buckin' Bigfoot

    Colorado Bronco Club

    @Sgt Beavis good input! Any opinion on the tires that will be used for the Sasquatch package?
  18. Buckin' Bigfoot

    Comment by 'Buckin' Bigfoot' in item 'Meet Black Widow'

    I had buyers remorse for about 2 minutes... then I drove it! Lol I freaking love that car man, it is insanely fast and fun to drive.