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  1. Spotted: White 2021 Bronco with fender flares removed

    The aftermarket will take care of the black wheel well liners for the rear. I believe strongly in that addition to clean up the look.
  2. Did anyone not get the survey?

    Because I didn't, so just wondering if it was just a select group or if I should be concerned. I was a night one reservation on a WT model.
  3. Roof rack and compatibility / weight ratings for a roof-top tent?

    I wonder what not offered with 315s is about? H9w do tires impact roof load?
  4. Wildtrak vs. Badlands+Sasquatch...

    100% this. To the letter. Reserved WT, after further thought want Badlands for all those reasons, drains, marine grade interior, dico. But the 35s and 2.7 are important. Not sure what that does to pricing.
  5. Ford Employee checking in. Let us know if you're still having issues reserving through website

    Same as others, reservation shows in account but never received an email. My dealer did get notified however.
  6. 4-Door 2021 Bronco Photo Dump (C&D)

    Love that interior. Which model/trim is this?
  7. Bronco Reservations Tracking List & Stats [Enter Yours!]

    4 Door WILDTRAK reserved, after much patience, perseverance, and some foul language and gnashing of teeth.
  8. Spied: 2021 Bronco Interior Full Look @ Dash, Screen, Console, 4WD Drive Mode Dial!

    With no neutral setting on the 4WD knob, I am concerned this will not be 4 flat towabe behind a motorhome. That would be a bummer for a lot of folks, jeeps are the leader in RV "toads" right now.
  9. Flat Tow New Bronco (Yes, Confirmed)

    It is mainly (for me and most) about ease of towing. Simple process, all done internally, inside the vehicle (read: not crawling under the vehicle) without concern of drivetrain damage. Jeeps have always been at the top of the "toad" list because they are easy and made to shift the transfer...
  10. Flat Tow New Bronco (Yes, Confirmed)

    Updated with confirmation from Ford that the new 2021 Bronco can be flat towed. Yes. Bronco has been engineered to be flat-towed. - Mike Levine (Ford) Original post: First, I have been lurking a while, decided to sign up this morning to join the conversation, and ask some questions along...