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  1. Worried about the Bronco Engines now….

    51,000 miles on the 2.7 in my '21 Black Diamond (delivered Dec '21) and not a single hiccup...
  2. American Adventure Lab Tailgate Compressor Mount - Early Review

    So AAL has a Cargo Floor Multi-Mount with the option to tuck in 4x 18aH batteries and a 1225 or 1240 REDARC...I wonder if you'd be able to wire the tailgate compressor setup to that instead of all the way to the main battery? I love seeing their products out in the wild and definitely...
  3. Any real world reviews of American Adventure Labs?

    I have their MASS platform and cargo shelf, both excellent products. Slowly mapping out the rest of my interior build with them, with plans for: Cargo Floor Multi-Mount (I want to do the quad battery/redarc setup, but I haven't been able to figure out the wiring setup. May need help with that)...
  4. Question about which fuses to tap for dashcam with 'Parking Mode'

    Any harm in wiring a Midland MXT500 (50W radio) into the passenger compartment fuse boxes? Good variety of spares that aren't used...what amperage fuse should the radio be tied to?
  5. Midland MXT500 wiring assistance

    I do have the aux switches -- I've been on the fence about it, but now that I really think about it...that option has merits. Currently have Switch 1 for my lightbar, switch 4 for my ditch lights, 5 for my clear fogs and 6 for my amber fogs. I don't have any plans for the other two switches so...
  6. Midland MXT500 wiring assistance

    Good morning Bronco fam, I've inquired on a few threads on this particular forum regarding radio installs and I've settled on my particular setup. I'm going to be installing the JCR Overhead Molle Panel this weekend to mount my Midland MXT500 to, and I'll be running the wiring for both power...
  7. TGO - The Overlander Build

    Thanks much for the insight hoss! I dug a little bit on the garmin website -- aside from price point, seems Tread ekes out a little more capability than Overlander. I'll have to chew on this more, but thanks again!
  8. TGO - The Overlander Build

    How do you like the Garmin Overlander and Tread? I've been REALLY on the fence about one of those products (leaning towards Overlander because it seems like it's more of the 'pure' Garmin Explore app/device combo). I've fiddled with OnX Off-Road but between my Garmin Fenix 6X and using the...
  9. Overhead molle panel!

    I think I just found my mounting solution for my midlands mxt500 how’d you run the wiring from the unit?
  10. Cleghorn this Sunday

    How do you have the wiring routed and run to? For power and the antenna - this is exactly what I’m thinking of doing for my midlands MXT500
  11. TUTORIAL: Wiring accessories to interior fuse box with add-a-fuse tap

    This is a great writeup, thanks much! I was looking to do an overhead mount of my Midland MXT500 using the JCR Overhead Molle Panel and was brainstorming wiring ideas to get power and antenna wire from overhead to either fuse box or direct to battery -- this writeup could serve this idea well I...
  12. Bayou Bronco Club

    I did the Vegas one in October 2021 -- it was a fantastic experience. I was coming from an F-150 with zero off-roading experience going into my Bronco purchase and pickup. The instructors were personable and knowledgeable. If the off-roadeo in Austin is anything like the one in Vegas, you'll...
  13. Bayou Bronco Club

    @BOLD Renegade93 I'm heading out on Sunday for a TDY but I'll only be gone a week. Definitely down.
  14. Military Bronco's

    Good morning! Active duty Air Force still serving and coming up on 14 years this May. 12R by trade (EC-130H Electronic Warfare Officer out of Davis-Monthan, with some time spent at NAS Pensacola as an instructor teaching at UCT) Currently flying a desk at Barksdale AFB for my staff tour...
  15. Bayou Bronco Club

    @ChrisB351 looks like some camping too. Perfect reason to get my Tax Outdoors Woolly Bear out and about
  16. Bayou Bronco Club

    @THEMANatwar hell yeah
  17. Bayou Bronco Club

    @BOLD Renegade93 hell yeah man let’s do it
  18. Bayou Bronco Club

    Okay all you Bayou Broncs. Ever since I moved to Bossier City, I’ve been seeing a LOT of broncos — and especially on Barksdale AFB. Easily a dozen different. where you guys at, and when/where are we going wheeling?!