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    What if a Northern California dealer matched Granger?

    Central Coast here. Will DEFINITELY swap my reservation to any dealer within a 15 hour radius willing to match Granger.
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    Wildtrak Bronco Thread

    She's a real beauty! Daily driver? Any tips?
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    Wildtrak Bronco Thread

    Guys, maybe slightly off topic here but i need some help. I can get my hands on a new, base 2020 Ford Raptor Supercab (my favorite) for invoice price. Which puts it really close to a 4dr Wildtrak with no extras. This is creating a chasm in my heart of hearts because i want them both but i don't...
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    Warthog Package?

    You know, i have been thinking about this. That's essentially what the Raptor is anyways; a package for the F150. So it's not crazy to think that it can actually be on the table this December for ordering. Would i? Fuck yeah. Can i? Fuck no, but it'll be awesome to see lol
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    Giveaway Round 2: Bronco6G Pineapple Pizza Stickers!

    For those who like to Overland in style!
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    The Dog Thread

    Meet my sweetheart, Bowser. He's a French Bulldog and American Bully mix. He can't wait to drive around the Central Coast with no doors!
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    Subjective red flags I see... now that I've had some time to let the hype settle in...

    You lost me here. Are Wrangler and Bronco owners supposed to abandon their families to live in the woods? I think you're taking this whole 'Sasquatch' thing a little too far :ROFLMAO:
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    Cruise Control with a manual

    Yeah, it's probably a safety feature so people aren't flying off canyon ridges at 85mph LOL. My fiancee's 2013 Jetta does the same thing, it's kind of frustrating to be honest.
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    Cruise Control with a manual

    2001 Porsche Boxster S with a 6-Speed. I love the cruise control on this thing. Idk what it is about new vehicles but they tend to lose speed on curves or going up the mountains while on cruise control. Meanwhile my speedo stays where i set it until i turn it off or die. Not sure if that's...
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    Bronco Build & Price latest update: “by September” includes September

    The real B&P is already active in this angry mob; Babies & Pansies :ROFLMAO: Let's all take a breather, ya'll have no idea what's going on behind the scenes and lets keep Mike's job out of this, dude is just sending the messages.
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    2021 Bronco Build & Price pre-launch waiting room

    Waiting on this has me playing with the Raptor B&P and it's got me thinking sinful thoughts...
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    Packages and Driving Nannies

    "I don't need driving nannies" and "I change lanes without signaling" Are both mutually exclusive statements :ROFLMAO: Pick one
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    Anyone taught their wife to drive a Manual Trans?

    I taught my fiancee how to drive stick. Luckily i had a 2000 BMW Z3 which was essentially a go-kart. Learning in a Bronco might be intimidating but like @borgnineamc said: It all boils down to if she wants to learn. There's no vehicle she'll be comfortable in if this is something she doesn't...
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    Bronco Owners Going Soft?

    Gives an example of how some features may or may not affect him because of where he lives. Features that he doesn't need = features that NO ONE needs. What about Bronco owners that live in North Dakota? They don't get to have something to combat the elements like you do? Some people...
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    Bronco Owners Going Soft?

    After careful deliberation with our PR team, we will be renaming this column into "Xoomers vs Zoomers" :ROFLMAO:
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    Bronco Owners Going Soft?

    On today's encore of "Boomers vs Zoomers" we have a true and tried argument: "These young folks should stop complaining about not getting the things that i didn't have when i was younger. Even if the price tag is double what it would have been for my dad and the technology in question has been...
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    Central California Broncos

    Santa Maria Ford Lincoln currently. Might swap if they don't offer X-plan pricing though
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    Central California Broncos

    Santa Maria here! Anyone else Mountain bike as well? Need some recommendations for trails.
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    Active and retired military bronco owners!

    Served 7 years in the USAF as a 1C5D Command and Control Battle Management Operator previously known as Aerospace Control and Warning Systems. Now I'm in the civil service and loving it! Reserved a 4-Door Wildtrak but will probably be changing it to a 2-Door. Was dead set on the Cactus Grey...