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  1. Snow day in NE Texas

    Had a little fun out in the light dusting of snow today.
  2. Trip through southeast Oklahoma

    Finally put a few miles in the bronco. Started out with some moderate off-road trails near broken bow lake. Went up Holly Mountain trail that over looks the lake. Then drove into the Ouchita mountains and drove the Talimena National scenic byway. All in all the bronco handled the off-road with...
  3. Installed Morimoto pod lights

    Finally installed my 4 bangers from Morimoto. Install was easy with the upfitter switches and light output is great. I’ll get a few nighttime photos in the coming days.
  4. If you're still waiting....it's worth it. Hoss 3.0 review after 1.5 weeks of driving

    As with most on this forum, I began my journey in July of 2020. I followed all the deadlines and held out (99d my order) for the black roof that was promised for the Wildtrak. When Ford finally announced no black roofs my dealership prioritized my order and I was picked up at the end of 2022...
  5. NETX group

    I searched this forum but didn't get a hit. Is there a NETX group page in here yet? I'm up in the corner.
  6. All those waiting for orders....there is hope

    Good news. I'm a 7/20 res holder with a max package Wildtrak. (lux, leather, tow, hoss 3.0) I had 99d my order for most of the year waiting on the painted top, however last week when I learned the mod top would be a late availability, I had the dealership convert to order and received a 10...
  7. Project Bronco while I wait on Ford to build my new one

    While I wait around for ford to build a bronco like I want, I decided to buy a 1995 Bronco to work on. Its been slow going but just got it back from the machine shop with a new rebuilt engine. Added mild cam, headers and intake. Hope to have it pained in a few months same blue with the two tone...
  8. Finally got my bronco!

    Well I got tired of waiting for Ford to build mine (I’m a painted top hold out) so got me a 95 bronco to build. Already replaced the old looking headlights and tails. Got a long way to go but I have no doubt I’ll have it restored before Ford can build me a new one.