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  1. PRO LIFT for HOSS 3.0 / Fox Available

    I do not have anything extra on the back beside a heavy 37in mud tire with beadlock wheel. and i added the IAG Tire carrier. It does ride a little stiffer. but i personally like it more. I also drive a F350 so i am used to a rougher ride. I am not saying one way is right or wrong...
  2. PRO LIFT for HOSS 3.0 / Fox Available

    I am running a winch on mine had that same issue. I am very happy with my Eibach Spring kit on my hoss 3.0. I ended up with bout a 1/2 rake to mine after the install of both front and rear springs. i will say it took a few days before it settled down to that. i would wait to get it aligned...
  3. 2022+ Ford Bronco HOSS 3.0 Eibach Lift Springs

    hello, yes i did still have some rake to it. after it settled for a couple days i only ended up with about 1/2in rake. since the lift springs i added part of a leveling kit. to the front and the rear. just on top of the struts. i bought 2 kits and used half of each kit. i also ended up...
  4. 2022+ Ford Bronco HOSS 3.0 Eibach Lift Springs

    It rides a little stiffer but I am happy with it as far as on road. Have not had an opportunity to take it offroad yet. Been nothing but rain since I installed. But on the road it feels good to me. Less body roll in the turns.
  5. 2022+ Ford Bronco HOSS 3.0 Eibach Lift Springs

    I went with the eibach spring kit for my hoss 3.0. Installed about a week ago. With my 37s. I had some slight rubbing on the inner fender liner. I bought the max tire kit and only used the inner fender bracket so far. And no rubbing driving around town. But I think it will probably rub...
  6. PRO LIFT for HOSS 3.0 / Fox Available

    I hear what your saying but their are plenty of people riding around with the collar spacers on their hoss3.0. Which is essentially doing the same thing the replacement springs are doing. I haven't been offroad with it yet but will once I get my max tire kit on there. Will report back if I...
  7. PRO LIFT for HOSS 3.0 / Fox Available

    I have installed the eibach springs on my hoss3.0. I think it turned out great. It does ride a little stiffer but I think I like it more. Had a lot of body roll. Clearing 37s around town. But likely have problems off road.
  8. PRO LIFT for HOSS 3.0 / Fox Available

    I haven't really noticed that. But I put the winch on when it only had a couple hundred miles on it. I did go with the aluminum RCI skid plates. To save a little weight. Figured the accessories are gonna add up to a lot of weight.
  9. Looking for photos with the 1.5” body lift

    That thing looks great!! Been considering doing this to my 4dr Wildtrak. Are your rocksliders body or frame mounted?
  10. PRO LIFT for HOSS 3.0 / Fox Available

    Looks great! How are you liking them so far? I just ordered a set for my wt. I put a winch on mine and the front sits so low. Can't wait to get it leveled out. Do you plan to change tire size or wheels? Do you know if bump stops come with the spring kit?
  11. Rough country high mount+ winch, blue ox base plates and associated flat tow connections

    i just purchased my bronco and have the same bumper as you. wanting to add winch and blue ox like you have. was wondering if you bought the blueox kit? the one like this in the attached photo?