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  1. Weird Sport mode traction control quirk/side effect from enabling Sport mode on Badlands with Forscan??

    I just assumed it was picking up the squirm from the tall tread blocks on the goodyears
  2. Weird Sport mode traction control quirk/side effect from enabling Sport mode on Badlands with Forscan??

    I have a wildtrak so had sport mode from the factory, I don't use sport mode much but when I do full throttle runs, i hear the relays under the dash clicking like its losing traction through 2nd, and i'm pretty sure i have felt the power cut on the 1-2 shift before, but I don't think I was in...
  3. Teraflex Jeep JL CV joint adapted to Bronco...CONFIRMED FIT!

    That driveshaft is still a lot longer than a stock jeep TJ, those are only like 11 inches between the joints... Once a good option for a DC driveshaft comes out these issues will be easily remedied.
  4. Texas Five Sasquatch Tires....Goodyear Territory 315/70r17

    Ha, partial trade for a set of jk takeoffs? Kinda serious, I just picked up 5 jk wheels for my TJ project…
  5. Tailgate Rattle / Tick Issue Fix -- TSB 23-2163

    My plan is to have ford cover it and repaint and then put ppf over the edge to protect the paint. On our big bend trip in January it got through to the primer in a few spots. I have a jeep TJ as well that has the same issue where the hardtop window seal rubs on the tailgate
  6. Enabling Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Centering

    glad it’s working for you. One thing though, you do still have to be going over 10 mph to set cruise, but if you have a speed set you can resume at any speed.
  7. Badlands Sasquatch has terrible MPG

    depends a lot on how fast you’re going and winds. We did a roadtrip to big bend (10ish hrs each way) and managed to be driving into 20mph wind most of the time and got 13-14mpg at 80mph. On flat ground it was pushing 5-6psi of boost, and up to 11-12psi going up hills. I did another all day...
  8. Enabling Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Centering

    Auto-Hold Instructions from the previous post:
  9. Enabling Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Centering

    you need to have adaptive cruise already or add a bunch of hardware before it will work.
  10. IAG vs Mabett Interior Lights

    I have the mabett, and they do have a delay sometimes turning off but only once did they just not shut off but a stop/start cycle fixed it. I ordered the iag before and didn’t install once I saw how involved it was. Been meaning to list them here.
  11. Ford Performance Tune for Bronco Raptor 3.0 -- still undecided by Ford

    I think it’s that the 10r60 Is rated at 440ft-lbs, which is what the braptor already makes. I would love to see them release a tune and confirm that ford is good with more than that number going through that trans.
  12. Help! Can’t reconnect rear bumper connectors after hitch install

    I had the same issue, apparently the connections are sealed but the connectors still get junk in them that makes it hard to reconnect. I sprayed them out with brake cleaner on mine and then they went right in.
  13. PRO LIFT for HOSS 3.0 / Fox Available

    did you also notice the extra weight in the steering? I installed metalcloak skids and the steering seems like it isn’t as light, especially in parking lot scenarios when it used to feel super easy to spin the wheel over.
  14. Balance Beads or tire weights poll and thoughts.

    the reason is because wide tires also need to be cross balanced as well as the typical radial/up-down you think about when troubleshooting tire balancing. one way to deal with the cross balance issue is to have the tires road force balanced, but another method that can also work is to have the...
  15. No boost from a standing start.

    Was this after a cold start? I’ve noticed mine holds gears longer and lets the motor turn a higher rpm, I assume to help it warm up. Then again when driving it really won’t make much boost in first anyways unless you really get into the throttle since the gear is so short. I’ve noticed that if...
  16. Stretching Winch Rope

    let a bunch of air out of the tires, or find a slight incline?
  17. Enabling Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Centering

    there isn’t a prompt, there is a ding and the cruise cancels and the speed turns gray. Then you either hit the gas or his resume/cancel and it starts back up.
  18. Sway Bar and Locker Use

    I'm pretty sure you can use the rear locker in 2wd, it just unlocks over 20mph, and there is no way to change the speed at which they turn off automatically, at least in forscan. The limitation is that if ford never intended a dealer service department to adjust something, you can't change it...
  19. Installing Rear Fog/Chase Light Using Factory Switch & Harness

    In other countries (maybe in canada?) cars have rear fog lights as well to help people behind see them in dense fog. My wife had a volvo c30 that had rear fogs that just made the running lights with the headlights much brighter. I've thought of using the rear fog switch and wiring to power a...