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  1. How many windshields (including replacements) have you gone through?

    I need my 3rd. First one broke during recall work and the 2nd one got hit by a massive rock from oncoming traffic. Hit in the bottom left corner right on the BRONCO logo. Next morning it frosted and I watched it in slow motion crack all the way across to the passenger side.
  2. Non-sas suspension upgrades?

    Bilstein 6112s with their springs are the hot setup. Great on the road, better than the stock Badlands Bilsteins, got about 1.5-2" lift as to not throw off the front end geometry too much and they are great at Windrock.
  3. Brighter color choices?

    Calypso Coral is the only way my Eruption Green gets sold or traded.
  4. Interesting Orange Bronco sighting at the body shop today.

    If Ford would ever get their heads straight and offer a Calypso Coral Heritage 2dr my Eruption Green would be gone in a heartbeat. Well....two year heartbeat that it would take to fulfill a 2dr order.
  5. BRONCO SEVERE DUTY STEERING UPGRADE KIT now available from Ford Performance Parts!

    So I can use this on my 2022 Badlands 2dr non Sasquatch with a Pro Cal tune? Correct?
  6. TNcoupe

    Windrock Broncos

    Im out for the next couple of months. Im working 9pm to 5am til mid March.
  7. Why can't Ford fix the cam phaser issue?

    MY biggest problem is why have they put all the eggs in the DOHC turbo engine basket when GM has proven it can still be done with pushrods in a narrower lighter NA package and still retain MPG.
  8. It’s MY25, your Bronco is getting a refresh, what are your most desired changes/adjustments?

    I'm amazed at the people that can tell a difference in audio equipment. Maybe I've spent too long around sirens and working in power plants. I just turn the radio up and listen to XM.
  9. It’s MY25, your Bronco is getting a refresh, what are your most desired changes/adjustments?

    The ability for Ford to be able to build a 2 door.
  10. Yule tide run at Windrock Park TN

    Wish I coulda made it today. Only so many days for Christmas activities when you work swing shifts.
  11. Not a misanthrope...why I don't like major offroad events.

    I agree. Like you I remember the Tellico rides and all over the mountain at Monteagle in the late 90s and early 2000s. The most miserable I have been was with a group of about 20 of us and the lead guy had been partaking in some beverages and decided to whiskey throttle over a bad section and...
  12. 2.7L Oil Change Tips + Replacement Drain Plugs

    The wave spring showing there is correctly installed. It applies outward pressure to the plug to ensure no leakage. Mine has been in now for 50k miles and no leaks
  13. What is the appeal of off-roading?

    Have you ever met people?? There tends to be no people where I go and that's why I go there.
  14. 2 Door Bronco Raptor

    This or we riot
  15. HERITAGE EDITION Bronco Club

    Gave my dad his BD today. He was shocked to say the least.