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  1. $475 Hooke Road Discovery Roof Rack -- Review

    I ordered the soft top version but they sent it without instructions. Does anyone have them? I'm so annoyed that they are not in the packaging and they are not posted on their website. WTAF.
  2. Installed Method MR305 wheels / BFG KM3 37x12.5 -17 / Broncbuster Bushing + Tie Rod Sleeves

    Thanks, I think it will be just enough clearance to be comfortable without changing the geometry and hopefully weight drastically enough to need heavier duty tie rod/steering components.
  3. Installed Method MR305 wheels / BFG KM3 37x12.5 -17 / Broncbuster Bushing + Tie Rod Sleeves

    4DR Badsquatch owner here and looking to do something similar and add 37s and these coil spacers (https://svcoffroad.com/collections/ford-bronco-off-road-parts/products/2021-ford-bronco-coil-spacers) for an extra inch or so. If i downgrade to a 16 inch rim, run these spaces and 37s, you don't...
  4. 2023 Moab Bronco Safari Recap from TrailRax

    Nice, please if possible make it to have an option without a windscreen/cowel and something more like what z roads is doing with a tubular bar. It fits the look of the bronco so much better imo...
  5. 2023 Moab Bronco Safari Recap from TrailRax

    Do you already have or are you working on options for 4DR Soft Tops?
  6. 2023 Moab Bronco Safari Recap from TrailRax

    your raptor looks awesome, i dont normally like white AT ALL but with the light combo it works so well.
  7. It was bound to happen... angry face Bronco

    I bet they only drink hard seltzers and four lokos and likely refer to women as bitches
  8. Cheapest way to add 4-5 gallons?

    How many trails have you been on and run? Most trails you do not need extra fuel, it really comes in handier for longer off grid trips as a safety measure. You're more likely to need additional water vs. fuel
  9. BRONCO TRAIL APP...(it's 'great') Parody

    This is totally what happened, maybe they had a dev team change or something cuz being two years apart in an estimate for app development is well.... expensive. Also, i have to be honest about one thing. The color scheme and trail plots they have are excellent. I hope more features come in time...
  10. Crazy idea… trade - my raptor for yours?

    Cash only deal, trust me bro, VIN checks out at DMV
  11. 2023 Bronco Wins KBB's 5-Year Cost to Own Award

    Whether you do the work yourself or not, the person i was replying to made the claim that they had 3 vehicles get to 200k each and it cost in total for all 3 for maintenance and upkeep less than 4400, which i am calling BS on cuz i just don't see how that's remotely feasible unless im reading it...
  12. 2023 Bronco Wins KBB's 5-Year Cost to Own Award

    fluids, brakes, tires didn't add up to 4400 between 3 vehicles hitting 200k each? can you explain me your ways mr. vehicle whisperer
  13. Wheels, tires and wrapped

    What an excellent color, it's like a gold/root beer gloss? Really well done. Rims look great too. You did a really nice job here, congrats you're going to have to talk to everyone you see out and about now
  14. Ford Says These MIC Hardtop Cracks Are Considered Normal

    I'd go full Karen mode to the owners/execs at dealer if I knew this. No reason to be this bad at your job. Find someone who will do a regular shitty job vs. an actively shitty job
  15. I saw it yesterday. Now I can’t unsee it.

    Trying psychadelics like magical fantastical mushrooms has an excellent chance of reducing your anxiety about asymmetric side mirrors. You'll realize you and your Bronco are one interconnected organism and imperfections are part of life.
  16. Ford Says These MIC Hardtop Cracks Are Considered Normal

    WTF is a service advisor doing lying about something that is of no consequence to the dealer. What a fucking clown and if that is indeed the case I would blow his shit up on socials naming names in all your reviews.
  17. deejay08

    SoCal Broncos

    Sounds fun, def can't make March but maybe one of the dates later in the year
  18. Velocity Blue Bronco Raptor on 40's and 3" RPG lift collars

    Cool but on a raptor i actually think a 37/8 is the sweet spot and adding an inch or so lift to is the perfect look. 40s are a little too tractor looking for me
  19. Bronco Essentials for a Novice. PLEASE advise!

    all depends on what you're going to be doing in your truck TBH. If you need a secure storage id look at the lockable safes available.
  20. Bronco "rescued" out on the trail in Utah

    Can't believe he made it! I thought the Bronco was a gonner for sure!