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  1. “The Bronco hardtop has arrived” email

    I had to call Ford customer service and give them my order number to get the tracking number. The first clue that it has shipped will be an increase in your Ford points. Good luck!
  2. “The Bronco hardtop has arrived” email

    I received my email on May 29th and I placed the order the same day. It shipped on the May 31st and was delivered to my buddies shop on June 5th. It came with the installation kit (brackets and bolts) and had the sound deadening kit installed. I didn't need the brackets since I had the hardtop...
  3. Then & Now: show your assembly line Bronco and current Bronco picture

    I have 36,000 miles on her and absolutely love it. I just ordered a hardtop from Ford Performance and can't wait for it to arrive. It will finish it off.
  4. Bronco Super Celebration - DelMarPa Heritage Edition Broncos

    Great looking Bronco's!
  5. My Overlanding Build!

    Great looking Bronco, looks well thought out and functional!
  6. Installed the Ford Procal tune, and I am both ecstatic, and pissed off.

    I have it on my 2022 BL SAS and love the changes. It only takes about 20 - 30 minutes to do the install. You dealer is ripping you off find a Ford certified tech to do the install.
  7. 🇺🇸 Bronco Veterans

    USAFR/ANG (Lt Col) 1982 - 2013, C-130 Navigator, TALCE, and MAPS.
  8. 2024 Bronco Wildtrak!

    Welcome to the club! Let the modifications began! I have a 2022 Badlands with 33,600 miles. I have loved putting all of them on it.
  9. Amp Location Options

    I completely removed the B & O amp and put a Axxess DSP in, the Kicker 800.1 on the sub enclosure, added 2 Euphoria amps (1 under each front seat) for the other speakers.
  10. Amp Location Options

    We mounted a Kicker 800.1 in the B & O amp location. It fit fine and sounds great!
  11. OEM Hardtop available as accessory part ... here it comes.

    Thanks for sharing this information. I think this will be on my short list!
  12. Whistling from rear window

    I would first check to see if all the latches are in the full close position, however if they are I would take the front section off and reinstall it. If that doesn't fix try the mid section.
  13. Whistling from rear window

    Have you checked the latches for the mid hard top panel to make sure they are completely latched and sealed.
  14. Whistling from rear window

    Most likely the window is out of sync and doesn't go down when you open the door. It's riding on the outside of the gasket at the top. Correct by putting the window completely down and hold the button for 10 seconds then put it up completely and continue to hold the button for 10 seconds it...
  15. Considering buying new 2024 Bronco, thoughts on quality issues and problems?

    I have a 2022 Badlands, SAS, LUX with over 33,000 miles haven't had an issue. I love my Bronco!
  16. WeatherTech® Black Mud Flaps Front Pair Set For 2021-2023 Ford Bronco 110140

    Bought the WeatherTech front mudflaps for my Sasquatch Badlands in Jan 2022 when they first became available. They work great and look good!
  17. Badlands Sasquatch has terrible MPG

    I have gotten the same results. Plus strong headwinds will have a similar result. I have almost 33,000 miles.