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  1. Cargo Area Security Drawer on Raptor

    My dealership prior to delivery gave me the opportunity to pick a Ford accessory as a "gift" for waiting on the delivery of my Braptor. I chose the "Bronco 4 dr 2021-2023 Cargo Area Security Drawer (Part No: VM2DZ78115A00E). Has anyone installed this and if so, does it rattle at all? Mine...
  2. "Normal Cruise Active Adaptive Braking Off" message

    Hey, So just recently while engaging my cruise control, I received this message: Normal Cruise Active Adaptive Braking Off I know what it does and how it works but why the sudden error? I never turned it off and when going through my settings, its enabled. Has anyone else encountered this...
  3. Bronco Raptor Off-Roadeo?

    So i read that there will be a BRAPTOR specific Off Roadeo for this coming year in 23. Anyone know anything about this? I'm interested in attending for sure.
  4. 2022 Ford Bronco Raptor production numbers?

    Does anyone know if FORD has put out the final production numbers for the 2022 Bronco Raptor? I'm curious to see what the number ended up being.
  5. Bronco Raptor Wheel Locks -- longer than the rest of the regular lugs?

    My Braptor did not come with wheel locks so I ordered them from the Ford Accessory page. I used my points for them. I installed them myself but I have a question. For those that do have them, are they a bit longer once installed then the rest of the regular lugs? They fit and are tightened to...
  6. Help on tracking rail please

    Good morning to all! Can someone please help me out in tracking the last known location of my Braptor by rail? TTGX851470 The Braptor was scheduled for production the week of 09/19/2022. The app shows : In production 09/27/2022 Built 09/28/2022 On 09/30/2022 I received an email from Ford...