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  1. Armorlite 4dr washout floor install complete

    Just a shoutout to Armorlite and the BG6 audience. It took a solid day to disassemble the interior and install the 4dr washout floor. It fit like OJ’S glove. @Ford needs to contract Armorlite as this is how it should be done in the first place. For those just purchasing their Bronco, don’t...
  2. FordPass app - how to add a user service

    With the update to the new Ford Pass app it looks like they removed the ability to add a service by the owner. Anyone see this and/or know how to add a service?
  3. Bronco Saddle Bags for Jerry Gas Cans - My DIY Welded Solution

    Still learning to weld, but finished my version of Saddle Bags for my Bronco.
  4. Carpet removal on the rear seats

    Anyone remove/replace the carpet on the back of the rear seats? I know IAG makes a solution, but that is like a Velcro application. I am looking to remove the carpet.
  5. Ford Performance Alternator Shield - worth it?

    Anyone install the Ford Performance Alternator Shield? Is it worth the effort? https://www.levittownfordparts.com/sku/mb3z-10317-j.html
  6. New Brakes, when? What?

    Ok, I haven’t found any articles on the standard OEM brakes. How many miles on average are we experiencing? What is the options for upgrades?
  7. California Sold: 2022 OEM 4-dr Roof Rack with extra rail

    2022 OEM 4-dr Roof Rack with extra rail Best offer. Comes disassembled and wrapped. Have photos to reassemble
  8. California 2022 rear bumper

    Best offer 2022 Rear bumper
  9. California Two speaker defroster grill

    2022 - two speaker defroster grill best offer
  10. California 2022 OBX Wheels and tires

    Best offer….. 5 - Bridgestone 255/70r18 tires with stock rims. They HAVE the TPMS Sensors installed. The tires have 17,000 miles
  11. Service Manual with wiring?

    I am in a quandary. I want a service manual with electrical wiring, but I have to supply my VIN which will specify everything according to my build. I want to have the ability of ordering pieces and parts from other builds. for instance; I upgraded the upper dash plastic to accommodate the...
  12. Parts to sell after upgrades

    My question is whether it is really worth the time to post and sell many of the parts after all these upgrades? I have a lot of pieces and parts left over, but is there really people who would want some of this stuff. All this come this comes from a 2022 OuterBanks with 2.7L OEM plastic rear...
  13. Dash Switch Module part number #?

    Anyone have the part number for the fully populated switch module mounted center top of the dash? also does anyone have the pinout for the connector to the switch module?
  14. Locking axles recommendations?

    Ok, so my miss, but I want to plan to correct the fact that I didn’t get the lockers when I bought my flying brick. I don’t do a lot of 4 wheeling, but I do a fair amount of logging on my property in Montana. This will be a many year project due to a fixed budget. Some opinions and technical...
  15. Second battery

    Due to the great amount electronics built into the Bronco, I want to install a secondary battery. Plus any monitoring needed to track this. Any suggestions? I believe the engine bay is best to keep the battery cable lengths minimal.
  16. FYI-ICON Recon Pro, BFG K03 and Discount Tire

    Ok, I finally bit the bullet, yet another chunk of $$$ invested in my 2022 Bronco -BF Goodrich K03 285/70 R17 -ICON Recon Pro 17”, Charcoal, 0-offset Ordered and installed by Discount Tire -27 black spline lug nuts points to consider: 1) the Recon Pros have 16 beadlock pins that have to have...
  17. Forscan Lite for iOS

    Anyone try this version, FORScan Lite for iOS on a bronco? Does it allow configuring the options? I don’t and won’t use Microsoft OS.
  18. Upgrading tires and wheels - will the computer need tweaked?

    Finally pulled the trigger for BFG K03 285/70 R17 and ICON Recon Pro 17” from my stock OBX wheel. I had purchased the Ford Performance tune a year ago also. With all that said, I believe I need to make some adjustments in the computer for the speedometer. How?
  19. New lugs

    So I must be picky or something, but I getting all new wheel and tires for my rig. This includes new lugs with secure locks/lugs. The problem is that I can get 24 of the same but not the three extra for the spare, even another 6 for one tire isn’t doable. I am not spending over $3k for wheels...
  20. TPMS sensor questions

    Hey all, I am looking to buy new rims and they don’t come with TPMS sensor. Do I buy new ones? Can the sensors in my current rims be transferred to the new ones?