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  1. 1100 mile road trip on Bronco Raptor

    Mpg better than expected, indicated 16.8. Will calculate when I fill up soon. Three calculated results were 17.1, 17.3 both on first leg of the trip. 65/70mph for 3 hours, 55/65mph for 3 hours plus a bunch of city driving. First half of the return trip was 16. Waze detoured around traffic...
  2. Dash USB port for Dash Cam?

    I'm dipping a toe in the water with dash cams. I bought a RedTiger F7NT, two camera model. It comes with a 12v power adapter that uses a USB-C at the camera. Can I use the USB port on the dash to power the camera?
  3. Loose airbag cover bolts?

    I bought a set of fabric/paracord grab handles. When I went install them I found that bolts were only finger tight. I checked all of the airbag cover bolts all around the roll cage and they were all finger tight. Is this the way they should be or just a slip up on the assembly line?