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  1. Bronco Raptors at Serramonte Ford for MSRP

    Hey all, We have some Bronco Raptors available. Both 2023 and 2024. We're selling them at MSRP. If interested, please PM! Window stickers are in each vehicle page, our current in-stock inventory is linked below...
  2. California Sold: Rigid Lightbar M-15200K-BRL

    Have this ligthbar available new in box. Ford part number, ready to go on your 2 or 4 door Bronco. Asking $500 picked up in SF area.
  3. California Sold: Certified Pre-Owned 202 Bronco Raptor Available 5500 Miles

    Hey all, 2022 Bronco Raptor Available $99,991 Lux Pack Black/Black Carbon Fiber Pack 5,500 miles PM me or email direct at [email protected] -Sean
  4. California Sold: Multiple 2 Door Broncos available at MSRP Serramonte Ford

    Hey all Couple units available: PM me or email direct at [email protected] -Sean Eruption Green Black Diamond Mid Pack V6 Roof Rack Tow Package Area 51 Badlands MGV Lux Package V6 Eruption Green Badlands MGV High Package Tow Package V6 Carbonized Gray Wildtrak Cloth Lux Package...
  5. California Sold: Factory Soft Top with all hardware

    Hey all, Have a Factory Soft Top with all the hardware. It came off a dual top unit the customer didn't want the soft top. Pickup only $500 OBO. Update 1/10/2024: $500! -Sean
  6. California Sold: 3 Four Door Broncos at MSRP (Two hard top, one dual top) Serramonte Ford

    Hey B6G, We've got a couple units we're looking to sell at MSRP all 4 door Window Stickers attached. Update: Black Dual Top unit sold. Cactus Gray and A51 Still available. Call me/text me at 650-733-9256, or PM here of course. PP0699 - Hard Top Cactus Gray High Pack Outer Banks V6 and Tow...
  7. California Sold: 2 Door Sunrider Pickup Only SF Bay Area

    Sunrider available! I ordered a 2 door sunrider by accident. $800 pick it up here in SF area, PM me! Brand new 2 door Sunrider in Twill.
  8. California Sold: Full set of 5 Black Diamond Steelies and General Grabber ATX $750 with TPMS

    Decided to stick with my stock big Bend wheels, not doing enough off roading to justify keeping them. Bolt on and go TPMS included. $750 Pickup here in SF Area. Tires have about 500 miles on them. Personal set, not from the dealership.
  9. California Sold: Set of 5 Big Bend Wheels and Tires 4k miles WITH TMPS

    Decided to keep these, no longer available.
  10. 32s on Sasquatch Wheels, stock Big Bend?

    Hey all, I'm looking at getting some Sasquatch wheels with no tires, will there be any fitment issues with the stock BB tire? The wheel is 1" wider. Specs on Tire are 255/75R17 Specs on Stock Wheel are 17x7.5 ET55 Specs on Squatch Wheel are 17x8.5 ET30 Mainly I want to make sure that I don't...
  11. Hollister Stair Step

    Bronco Handled it well! Had to put the rear locker on for the line I took, but not bad for a Big Bend! Edit, well shoot, guess it didn't upload
  12. Serramonte Ford Bronco Raptors

    UPDATE 3/8/2022 We received word back that Raptor Golden Tickets are not transferrable between dealerships and that the allocation will stay with the original dealer if that reservation is transferred. The allocation will stay with the original dealer regardless of what the customer decides to...
  13. Bestop Sunrider Wind Noise

    Anyone have the best top sunrider? I installed one on my two door and the wind noise at 70 is unbearable. I tried adjusting the top forward as much as possible, and it's still extremely loud. It's almost like it isn't close enough to the header and wind gets in between the soft top and the...
  14. "GET UNHINGED" easter egg discovered

    Just found this Easter egg on a customer 4 door very clever.
  15. Start to Finish Tracking for My Personal Two Door

    As many of you know, I'm the Bronco Specialist here at Serramonte Ford. Like you, I'm personally invested, as I have a Bronco on order! I was initially scheduled in the first go around, but was subsequently pushed back (due to MIC top, surely). My new build date is 8/5/2021, and my truck was...
  16. Carbonized Gray Explorer at Serramonte Ford

    Ladies and Gentlemen, We just received our first Carbonized Gray car of 2021. It's an Explorer XLT with Sport Apperance package, Guest appearance of our Used Leadfoot GT350 feel free to come check it out here at the store! Click the image or view the video here
  17. Serramonte Ford Colma, CA - Bronco6G Member Pricing Policy

    This is a cross post from the California subforum. I was seeing a lot of questions about dealers from the Bay Area, and it was clear our policy was being missed by some in California. Bronco enthusiasts, My name is Sean McLaughlin, I am the Bronco Specialist here at Serramonte Ford. Some of...
  18. Serramonte Ford Bronco Specialist to Answer Your Bronco and Ford Questions

    Bronco enthusiasts, My name is Sean McLaughlin, I am the Bronco Specialist here at Serramonte Ford. Some of you may know me from the Focus RS forums, as I'm sure there is some crossover from that performance world. I was reading through some posts and saw some bad information, misguided...