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  1. Sasquatch wheel center caps

    The internet tells me that the OEM Sasquatch cap, M2DZ-1130-A, has a 2 1/2” diameter, but please don’t take my word for it.
  2. Bronco Letters on Eruption Green

    I did two years ago, Terry. My only wish would be if you could help with the RGB settings on my DRLs to match the color of the Oracle letters. I reached out on that and wasn’t able to get any help. @ORACLE Terry
  3. Bronco Letters on Eruption Green

    That’s my EG in the Oracle post. I’ve since added Morimoto headlights for the amber DRLs, and on the Oracle backlits I put black decals with orange trim from Stickerfab.
  4. Windshield Repair “Kits”

    Yes, they work. I just ordered my second one earlier tonight.
  5. Long term soft top reviews / feedback?

    Just over two years in, no issues. Any vehicle soft top is going to have some noise. But, I drove a wrangler TJ for over 15 years, and replaced its top every 5 years or so. Even when new, if I wanted to listen to a podcast or audiobook on my 30 minute highway commute I had to listen through...
  6. Low profile ditch lights

    I went with Diode Dynamics with amber backlightinng.
  7. Hello from Hooke Road!

    @Hooke Road® I received your tailgate box for Christmas, it is damaged In the box. All 3 hinges broke loose from the rivets that attach them, which is concerning. The customer service email on your website is invalid. The “24/7 customer service“ form says it won’t be processed for 2-4 days...
  8. Mobile Dealer Service

    I was just contacted about this service in Phoenix as well.

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  10. Is this legit or scam?

    There is a Ford dealer in Camp Verde, Jones Ford Verde Valley, (928) 634-3673. You could give them a call and see if there is a Mansker who works there. Google tells me there are Manskers living in Camp Verde.
  11. Trim screw tail light part number

    Appreciate it!
  12. Trim screw tail light part number

    I need to replace one of the trim screws in the tailgate. It was stripped from the factory, but made worse when I upgraded my reverse bulbs. Does anyone have the part number?
  13. Installed Molle Grate System & Console Safe from Ford

    The ford vault does not block fob access.
  14. Vandalized today

    For the Haro lovers, a few years ago they released Freestylers in an adult size. You can still find them for sale occasionally online. Here’s mine, same color as the one I had in ‘87
  15. Bronco Trail App Finally Released! 📲

    🤷‍♂️ Bronco trail app incompatible with…Bronco
  16. Morimoto XRGB vs. Alpharex NOVA Headlights - real world comparison w/ photos

    If you have other amber backlit lights such as diodes or Oracle grill letters you’ll need to play around with the green value to get them to match up. I have a few different presets that I run day vs night because during the daylight I like a little more orange than at night when it clashes a...
  17. Changing Black Diamond headlights?

    I’ve been running these for months on my base, and they are a no brainer. Easy to install, cheap, and in reverse they are bright AF. I’m planning to get the harness that stickerfab sells so I can run them off an aux switch.
  18. Changing Black Diamond headlights?

    Morimoto XRGB headlights. They offer a $600 rebate if you send them your headlights.