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  1. Gas Mileage Boost

    I've consistently got 19-20 mpg around town with my 2.3 and 2.7. But I do use 93 most of the time.
  2. (fun list!) Bronco accessories to be avoided! (keep it friendly)

    100% agree with the cup holder. I've already swapped it for a different style I think I found on Amazon. Ford really needs to fix this in new MYs.
  3. Debating on 2.3 vs 2.7 engine?

    I've had both engines. The 2.3 is a good motor for most applications. I will say that oil changes on the 2.7 are alot easier imo. Mileage is identical between the two, if that's a concern. I prefer the 2.7 just a little more. I've had both tops as well. Prefer the hard top, but the soft top...
  4. Any issues with windshield tint?

    Typically not used to justify a stop, but may add to any fines Mr. Officer writes. I've had tint and not on issue.
  5. Anderson Composites Hardtop Installed - Review, Tips, and Pics

    Maybe some high quality packing tape can get some of the fluff off?
  6. Mishimoto Baffled Oil Catch Can

    I've got one. You're right, It'll be tight but it should fit. Love the engine cover!
  7. Oil change at 20k, and found this in my catch can

    Seen the same in my 2.3l. 2.7 has much less in it. I run 93 most of the time and not even sure that has an effect (clearly, I'm not a mechanic). I live in the Midwest.
  8. Was it anybody here who made the wanker list?

    "The common working man"...? As if this person wasn't another common man (or woman)? This snow 'pile' may exist because the plow operator had already been there and was done. Hard to tell from one pic.
  9. Haven't 100% decided on a Bronco yet, but we really want one...

    Can second all the opinions here. On my second Bronco and not disappointed at all with power or capability. It's a true utility vehicle that rides better than the Wrangler. Therefore don't expect luxury. If you keep that in mind, then the Bronco will probably be a good fit for someone who...
  10. Tons of noise in cold weather

    Getting wind noise and a little creaking from my hardtop. Don't notice anything from HVAC system though. Had two Wranglers and similar experience at these temps (near or below zero). These tops are removable and if you have moved them, then this isn't uncommon. I'm not surprised by it and...
  11. Best Dash Rail Mount?

    I ordered this, should be in soon. I wasn't aware it required drilling. That's a bummer. Hope I like it.
  12. The new 50th anniversary Bronco Ranger Edition.

    One of the best looking Bronco's I've seen yet. Nice!
  13. Bronco vs Jeep bump

    This sucks. Jeep guys will try anything to get rid of the competition, lol.
  14. Bug shield hood deflector.

    Drove without it for a couple weeks before install. Definitely reduced bug splatter on windshield but doesn't eliminate it. If you drive at night in the summertime you'll have bugs. I've used on two different Broncos for year and a half without a single rock chip. As a note, I work near a...
  15. UAW wins 25% salary increase at GM Ultium plant

    It's already discontinued for '24
  16. 2024 Bronco and Raptor Order Guide Released!

    Agreed. It's the most senseless edition they have IMO. With a base, it allows more people to afford one. Or you can start with a base and customize it however you want. BBs are just dealer stock fodder or car rental options. Bad move on Ford's part.
  17. 2024 Bronco and Raptor Order Guide Released!

    Cannot understand why they would delete the Base but keep the Big Bend. Crazy
  18. What sort of prices are people seeing for their used Broncos?

    It's a moving target. Probably on a decline at the moment. I did pretty well on a trade in June.not sure that would happen today.