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  1. MEMORIAL DAY SALE 2024 at Lethal Performance!

    I am not. Was that a requirement?
  2. MEMORIAL DAY SALE 2024 at Lethal Performance!

    I was trying to check out yesterday. Not working for me on the Procal. No errors, the code just doesn't do anything for me.
  3. You've been asking, and we've been listening. Coming Soon!

    I don't think anybody asked for a 3-second video that doesn't tell you anything.
  4. HOT PEPPER RED Bronco Club

    Applied Carpro's newest Dquartz ceramic over the weekend. Mostly a cloudy day with a few peaks of sun (seen in the picture of the tailgate).
  5. Ford Performance Procal 4 with Calibrations for the 2.7L/2.3L - Backed by a 3/36 Warranty

    @LethalPerformance , any sales coming up for the Procal tune? Looking to get that and pair it up with an S&b filter.
  6. DIY Hard Top Ceiling Hoist - My Version

    Is this a cargo strap with the flat hook attached? I've been looking for this in this length for a while. I just looked at that harbor freight site and didn't see this.
  7. Spring SALE has SPRUNG here at Lethal Performance!!

    Any site wide sales coming up for mother's day?
  8. Pennsylvania Sold: Jtops Bimini 4 door Hardtop Black - $150 used once

    Practically new and INCLUDES Velcro and adhesive. $150 plus cost of UPS shipping. Box is 8lbs, dimensions is 47x7x6.
  9. Ford Patents Roof Mounted Battery for EV Bronco & Other Electric / PHEV Vehicles

    I would love a PHEV for the torque alone! Also would be nice to crawl in stealth mode.
  10. niterider006

    Broncos of Pennsylvania

    @Vooch because like everyone here, I get alerted when a new thread pops up in the PA group. Not trying to knock you but your post is like hundreds of other posts in the main threads.
  11. Today is a great day! 2” lift and bumpers installed.

    Any problems replacing the plastic bumper?
  12. niterider006

    Broncos of Pennsylvania

    What does this have to do with Pennsylvania?
  13. Window / Hardtop Whistle in Cold Weather

    Same exact issue. Whistling when it's really cold outside near the driver-side mid panel. I notice it more when there is a good cross wind. So annoying!
  14. Hard top hoist with 2 contact points (pics)

    Appreciate the long term testing! I wonder if Ford did any testing on their own with hoisting.
  15. Electric top hoist for garage - my solution

    I wouldn't count on that. I think those brackets are on with an adhesive only. But not sure
  16. Whistling from rear window

    I have this same issue. When you say adjust the latch, what exactly does this mean?
  17. Chapman Of Horsham with @dealerinsider

    No Yes I do intermittently check in. I guess I got confused about the process and thought the rollover was automatic just like they did from 21 to 22 model year. I just don't have time these days to read everything. I feel bad for my wife more than anything. I already have a bronco but this...
  18. Chapman Of Horsham with @dealerinsider

    I guess I missed the boat on this. I've been patiently waiting on the list for Bronco. Apparently I received an email to roll over to 2023 model year back on October 1st. That email hit my spam so I never saw it. I just found out about it yesterday since I saw that orders need to be updated due...