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  1. LED Headlight / Taillight Warranty Coverage

    Called our local dealer to see if the LED's inside our Badlands headlights/taillights are replaceable. According to him, if the LED goes bad on a Badlands' headlight or taillight, the entire assembly must be replaced. Has he got this right? He quoted me almost $1700 for one headlight assembly...
  2. DC to DC Charger Install

    Have plans to power a dc to dc charger with our '23 Bronco. Notice what appear to be two un-used accessory terminals near the positive H7 battery terminal. Anybody know the maximum current rating for these terminals? We anticipate a maximum load of 60a. I've installed dc to dc chargers on a...
  3. What are these two brackets used for?

    Anybody have any idea what these two brackets are used for? This is a pic from our 2d manual Badlands.
  4. Faraday or Remove FOB Battery

    We want to store/hide a spare FOB inside our Bronco (this is our first keyless start vehicle). What are the pros and cons of storing the FOB inside a faraday bag vs. simply removing the FOB battery? We figure we could simply reinstall the battery for use . . . or it's my understanding you can...