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  1. New Piercing?

    Don't forget to hang some off the mirrors, too...slap them against the doors and fenders as you bounce around.
  2. New Piercing?

    Better than TruckNutz any day...
  3. Front End Friday! Show off your Bronco!

    After the 700+ mile drive home from Granger - my BL's bug collection...
  4. Built Ford Bronco Raptor Tough

    If everything ahead of the bumper checks out OK, take the insurance $$$ and keep the bumper..."Every ding and scratch has a story to tell"...
  5. RECALL - MIC Hard Top Glass Separation (2/28/24 NHTSA # 24510/24V142)

    If yer really worried... Fixes everything...and might match the Mic top...
  6. Interesting Orange Bronco sighting at the body shop today.

    Noice...True Orange...keep tabs on that one - would like to see the finished product.
  7. 2024 Bronco “Produced and Waiting for Final Checks”?

    Mine sat at MAP for two months (2/29/23 to 5/5/23) after the modules went live...the "why" was never revealed...just part of the process, I'd guess.
  8. Windnoise when below zero

    Just went through 4 days of sub-freezing weather...minus-teens to mid-20's...heard all kinds of little groans, creaks, and pops, and a bit more wind noise (2-door hardtop). Chalked it up to the cold/shrinkage. It'll disappear when it warms up again. My house is making the same noises, and it is...
  9. Softest bolts ever?

    This works for Torx/Torx+ and Hex/Allen socket bolts -- Dip the tip of the bit in coarse valve grinding compound. The grit provides extra grip for the bit. Loosened many a bolt with this, before I stripped them. Any good parts store (or Amazon) should have some...Clover and Permatex brands are...
  10. Best way to clean the felt wheel wells?

    Off-road is off-road...green staining is acceptable in a pinch...
  11. Best way to clean the felt wheel wells?

    Embrace the red staining as your "Not a Mall Crawler" badge of honor...
  12. Installing a winch electrical considerations?

    Go with a battery disconnect, not only for parasitic draw but also safety - This thread will make you a believer.
  13. One year review - Badlands 2 door

    Just cracked 2500 miles in my 2023 2dr BadMan and I have to agree with everything you said (so far), except for the transmission - Zero noise or issues with it (I lucked out and got the -AB version). No doofus dealership experiences as I refuse to go to a dealer for any service or repair that I...
  14. 1095 Days and Waiting - Terrible Very Bad Update

    1097 for me - 7/25/20 res date...7/27/23 pick-up at Granger...Ford issues (and anti-Granger allocation shenanigans) played heavily into that wait...Damn glad I did, though...Lovin' my Blue Beastie.
  15. 35s or 37s…?

    Mine is the 2023 version of your Bronco, and I'm gonna stick with 35's...either no lift or a mild level-up since I'll soon be running 100+ lbs of winch/mount and onboard air compressor as well. Badlands 2.3/7MT is geared for 35's right out of the gate...1st gear on mine with 33's is almost...
  16. Warn VR EVO10 winch for $289.99 after rebate!

    Another mount option, and where I'm headed next: Lobo HNT Mount
  17. Warn VR EVO10 winch for $289.99 after rebate!

    Just the deal I've been looking for, so I bought 2 - One for the Bronco, and one to replace an ancient Magnum 9K on the XJ. Thanks!
  18. Bronco Hop Mode?

    Can it hop? Not yet...
  19. Bronco Hop Mode?

    The Bronco Wave at its finest...Climb a rock, and wave a tire at everyone!