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  1. Driver side rear quarter panel bracket question

    The bolt in the middle isn't connected to anything else besides the bracket itself. I've seen on other trims this bracket is not bent (so the left side is straight and in this case should be bent about 90 degrees closer to the camera) and then there is a bolt through the square hole on the...
  2. Driver side rear quarter panel bracket question

    Hello, so I noticed my driver side rear quarter panel looked slightly misaligned so I took off the weather stripping piece to see if there was a bolt that needed to be tightened or something. I found that the bracket inside was bent back and not bolted to anything, is that normal? I know on...
  3. Code Orange Beauty Rings

    I think those are different as they are red and definitely appear more red in the picture with the code orange raptor
  4. Code Orange Beauty Rings

    I'm very interested in these too along with the code orange tow hooks, do special package parts ever show up on parts sites or will these only be available to 23' plebeians as takeoffs?
  5. Bronco vs Raptor Seats

    I test drove a raptor and badlands in the same day, raptor first. When I sat in the badlands my first thought comfort wise was 'oh no'. I went home with a raptor lol
  6. PN# for blue screw covers under passenger dash

    Ah ok I that would explain it. Thats the schematic I saw too but guess I don't know how to read it haha. Thank you so much for the quick reply!
  7. PN# for blue screw covers under passenger dash

    Hello, I tried searching for this but didn't see anything, does anyone know the part number for the raptor blue dash screw covers under the passenger dash above the glove box? Seems these were missing from factory. I found the part in the instrument panel schematic but don't see one for this...
  8. Raptor Bronco Under MSRP Thread

    Thanks!! Yea I definitely agree, and I'm sure your lower msrp even with adm was still better than today's prices so can't complain too much I suppose. I'm glad prices are dropping and hope they do so even more, I probably would've waited if it wasn't for the color, but sometimes you just gotta...
  9. Raptor Bronco Under MSRP Thread

    Last week I found a dealer that had my 'dream' '23 code orange raptor with all the options I wanted at a $5k mark up. Two days later they dropped to msrp (late 23 msrp) so I went to test drive it. Tried to get them to do $6k off but they wouldn't do more than $1k. Gave it a couple days to...