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  1. Flat Tow 2024 Bronco Heritage 2 DR Edition

    Very clean looking setup, thanks for sharing. Brian
  2. Flat Tow 2024 Bronco Heritage 2 DR Edition

    Great post, yes please a picture or two would be nice. Brian
  3. 2.3L ecoboost V4 vs 2.7L V6 for towing capabilities ?

    I have the 2.3 in a Ranger with a towing capacity of 7500 pounds. I have towed an enclosed 7/16 trailer with two snowmobiles weighing about 3500 pounds with no issues. We also have an Outer Banks with Sasquatch package Bronco with a 2.3 and have been very pleased with the power. Brian
  4. Flat Tow failure

    Nice American Coach, and Bronco, we just got a 2022 American Dream looking forward to finishing up the flat tow setup on our Bronco. Hope to see you out there. Brian
  5. Flat Towing W/ Capable Bumper

    Thanks for the update and good luck with your adjustments. Brian
  6. Debating on 2.3 vs 2.7 engine?

    We have a 2 door Outer Banks with Sasquatch package, over 20k trouble free miles. Plenty of power, we also have a 2019 Ranger that has the same engine and transmission, I have towed 3-5 thousand pounds in a trailer behind it and feel like it had plenty of power. Nothing against the 2.7 but we...
  7. Flat Tow failure

    I agree we originally bought a 2019 Ranger to flat tow in the future then my wife fell in love with the new Bronco, we now own a 2022 Bronco Outer Banks Sasquatch 2 door. I plan to flat tow behind our American Coach and have read all the info on this forum, which has me worried but I refuse to...
  8. Flat tow equipment needed to flat tow the 2021 Bronco?

    Well done! I assume you are flat towing from your recovery hooks. Brian
  9. SierraBronco's Build

    Looks great! Brian
  10. 37 on no lift

    Looks good, we have the roof rack on ours so if we went up to 37” from the 35” , it wouldn’t fit in our garage. Brian
  11. 2.3 failures / issues. Post the issues you have had

    We also have a Bronco and Ranger, 2022 Outer Banks Sasquatch with 21k no issues and a 2019 Ranger lariat 39k also no issues. Brian
  12. Neutral Tow / Transmission Problem

    Interesting, thanks for sharing. Brian
  13. Neutral Tow / Transmission Problem

    Sounds like the moral is to video each time so you have proof in the event of a failure. Brian
  14. Successfully flat towing your Broncos?

    Excellent post, thanks for the info. Brian
  15. Successfully flat towing your Broncos?

    This is only if you have a 2.7 engine correct? The track system on the 2.3 is different and has not had the “timeout” issues. Brian
  16. Ran across this high lift 6G yesterday

    Seems weird to see something that high up in a handicapped parking spot, just saying. Brian
  17. Flat tow equipment needed to flat tow the 2021 Bronco?

    I thought it looked like the back of a Jayco. We have a 2018 Precept 29v gas but are currently looking at getting a diesel pusher . Been to the keys several times in the nineties with our guard units F-16s to train with the navy’s F-18s. Always a good time. Brian
  18. Flat tow equipment needed to flat tow the 2021 Bronco?

    Wet nice set up, not sure if it’s just me but two of the attachments wouldn’t open. What RV are you towing the Bronco with? Enjoy the Keys, great time of the year to be there. Brian
  19. Put on my snow shoes for the winter

    That is a very sweet looking Bronco. I really like what you have done with it. My wife has a white outerbanks with the Sasquatch package and she loves it so far. Brian