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  1. Raptor Owners - Do you think the Raptor is too wide?

    Braptor (86.9) is actually a little wider than the F150 Raptor (86.6). Not by much though.
  2. Bronco Raptor as daily driver

    If you can keep both, keep them. I personally drive the Braptor every chance i get. Might as well enjoy it.
  3. Do you lower your tire pressure every time you drive in the sand?

    I drove 25 plus miles one way in various sand types without airing down on baja mode. I hit some very soft areas but had no issues. If the sand is soft it would be beneficial to air down.
  4. What Should I Do? Raptor vs Heritage

    We all look at things differently. I have a Braptor and so do you. I am into the performance aspect of things. If you love mustangs and you want to buy a new one, most would agree the GT500 would be the way to go granted you can afford one and its available. Since money isn't a topic in the...
  5. What Should I Do? Raptor vs Heritage

    Yes, you've lost your mind. Raptor FTW.
  6. Bronco Raptor Transmission Cooler issues

    14k miles, no issues at all....except one...damn rear defrost clip just fell off the window.
  7. Found this little Warthog nugget in the Bronco Raptor today

    The Braptor in question is all Raptor. Most could careless if other models get a Raptor name. The Braptor is top notch. Code name was Warthog. Its a Raptor now.
  8. Let’s see those Beach pics!

    2022 Braptor Caught a little air!
  9. Bronco Raptor Off-Roadeo School to Professionally Teach Owners High And Low Speed Off-Roading

    I was pretty eager to go and make a Vegas trip out of it but 1k for the wife to sit for a day with me aint gonna happen. The 1k price is only for the Braptor guests, i believe other guests for the other broncos are around $400-$500. Maybe we'll still go to Vegas but just skip out on the...
  10. Bronco Raptor Off-Roadeo School to Professionally Teach Owners High And Low Speed Off-Roading

    1k for a guest!!! That's disappointing to say the least.
  11. Loud Fan 2023 Bronco Raptor

    Mine is a 22 and does the same thing. Loud noise means lots of cfms, its a good thing.
  12. Raptor OffRodeo email?

    ok, so i received it too. You have to enter everything but select BADLANDS as RAPTOR isnt on the drop down box. Then on nickname, write RAPTOR. That way whenever a date is actually set (no dates set yet, i asked) you can go in to reserve a date.
  13. Bronco Raptor Off-Roadeo dates / info?

    I've written twice and both times they responded with no known dates yet. The last time i wrote an email was 2 weeks ago.
  14. Gas Pedal Squeak

    About 30 broncos in sand yesterday at a local beach run. Many of us experienced this squeak. Very weird and only did it in deep sand areas and vanished as quick as it came. Wonder what it is.
  15. Spare tire lug nuts

    and after numerous pages, this is still in the Braptor section :sneaky:
  16. Braptor Price Protection

    exactly. As long as you pay MSRP and no ADM, it is what it is. I am so glad i have a 22 lol
  17. Ford not honoring price protection

    This is the Braptor section. I was about to write no price protection on the Raptor but then saw you werent referring to the Raptor model. Yeah its a dealer thing.