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  1. Cobra 75 All Road CB Radio Install

    Oh, I just thought, maybe have the other antenna on the other side of the spare tire. The bracket will be tougher to design
  2. Highest Mileage Bronco - Who has it?

    My ‘22 has only 32k and still running strong
  3. Central Control Armrest Cover TPE Protection Pad For 2021-2024 Bronco

    I may get one, my cover I bought 2 years ago has been beat up fairly well from my dog’s claws
  4. Genesis Offroad - Quick Introduction & Overview of our Dual Battery Kits

    So is the Odyssey batteries a different spec than the OEM battery?
  5. Armorlite 4dr washout floor install complete

    She definitely did not like the squeaky nuts on the rear seat but a little 3-in-one oil made it silent
  6. Armorlite 4dr washout floor install complete

    Luckily I had the big torx T55 for the seatbelts in the rear seat. Here is the photos I took, not much, I know. As you may see my dog loves my flying brick and this is a big reason to get rid of the carpet.
  7. FordPass app - how to add a user service

    Yup, that works for the old version, but the new version of the app no longer has the add function
  8. Armorlite 4dr washout floor install complete

    Just a shoutout to Armorlite and the BG6 audience. It took a solid day to disassemble the interior and install the 4dr washout floor. It fit like OJ’S glove. @Ford needs to contract Armorlite as this is how it should be done in the first place. For those just purchasing their Bronco, don’t...
  9. FordPass app - how to add a user service

    With the update to the new Ford Pass app it looks like they removed the ability to add a service by the owner. Anyone see this and/or know how to add a service?
  10. Cobra 75 All Road CB Radio Install

    On my wish list, just need to figure out how to install side by side with my GMRS radio
  11. Bronco Saddle Bags for Jerry Gas Cans - My DIY Welded Solution

    Made it all the way past Missoula MT with water jugs in my saddle bags. Everything is working well.
  12. Comprehensive Roof Rack Comparison 5/2024

    I went from the 4dr OEM rack added a basket, now I have the Hooke Road. I have had to do some personal modifications, but the platform is great. More to come. Like…
  13. DIY - remote engage/disengage Rough Country Hidden Winch lever

    Sounds great.. just to tell you, I made a bracket for the plug up front, accessible from outside without having to open the hood, it is tucked out of the way so you won’t see it unless your looking for it. I leave the remote in the center console. I also put a manual disconnect for the winch...
  14. Broken strut for rear tailgate (terrible design!)

    I forced mine on and it has been good for over a year
  15. Bronco Saddle Bags for Jerry Gas Cans - My DIY Welded Solution

    Main support and attachment is the roof rack; however, at the bottom is a sheet of 11 gauge steel that fits into the gap and the edge of the steel has an edge protector on it.. I have debated doubling up on the cans as I have enough room for side by side mounting. 5 gal will weight about 42lbs...
  16. Armorlite Flooring for the Bronco - installed video

    Just got notification that mine is about to ship. Hopefully it will get here with enough time to install before I leave for Montana