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  1. It’s been fun, but today I walked into a Jeep dealer…

    Seems like everyime I take a vehicle in for service my salesman meets me and asks if I want a loaner. He's sold a few vehicles to me that way.
  2. 2025 Rumors for Braptor?

    10mpg gives it a 200 mile range. Ya, no thanks.
  3. New load bearing point on the Sport

    The hood is to weak for deer tie downs :)
  4. New load bearing point on the Sport

    For kayaks???
  5. It’s been fun, but today I walked into a Jeep dealer…

    I understand. I have a wandering eye for vehicles. I haven't had one last long enough to payoff the loan in about 20 years. Four years is the longest. Some didn't even last to the first oil change. Enjoy the VW and what comes after it.
  6. What's Your Favorite Interior Mod for the Bronco?

    Wolfbox mirror dash cam. Let's me see what's behind me instead having the rear view mostly blocked by the spare and third brake light.
  7. Locked My Keys in My Bronco

    You can unlock it with the FordPass app. I've used that a couple times for the Mrs. She would close the door and hit the lock button in the same motion.
  8. Using upper dash USB port to run Android Auto?

    Bluetooth works and it also works wired. The Bronco Sport had to be wired, but I don't know if they fixed that.
  9. Mods are eating up my payload capacity

    So it's either the winch or the wench? :)
  10. Mods are eating up my payload capacity

    I believe the Bronco mentioned is an airplane.
  11. Mods are eating up my payload capacity

    These are not precise numbers for all Broncos. Looking at the sticker from our Wildtrack. GVWR 6140 Max Payload 917 Weight range from Ford for all 2.7l equipped 4dr models, 4,661 - 5,320 Best case 4661 + 917 = 5578 Worst case 5320 + 917 = 6237 It appears that the max payload plus unloaded...
  12. Mods are eating up my payload capacity

    Legally, I don't believe there is any way that you can. What's on the door jamb sticker is what is legal. You can add to some of the weight bearing items like springs, get higher load rated tires, stiffen the frame, etc... but law enforcement is going to go by that sticker that has the...
  13. Help me find this noise!

    My 96 did that when it had a bad automatic locking hub, the clue was doing it more on the turn. The hub wasn't fully unlocked. Clearly a different setup on 6g but that's the area I would look at.
  14. Disconnecting OEM Fog lights

    There's usually a tab you depress before you pull the connection apart. Sometimes it's a lever. Post a picture so we can look at it.
  15. Bronco Raptor on 39s

    Not much lag that I notice but I do notice a little jumpy-ness sometimes when turning. I may be more prone to this since I've done lots of PC gaming at 120fps+ and the camera runs at 30fps. At this point I can't see going back to a regular mirror.
  16. Bronco Raptor on 39s

    3M tape that is used for emblems should do it. I think there will be a problem getting the spare off without removing the camera on the backup cam stalk.. I wonder if you could just bend up a bracket out aluminum so that mounts in way it looks through the spare wheel spokes. and again use 3M...
  17. Bronco Raptor on 39s

    Excellent advice, thanks!
  18. Bronco Raptor on 39s

    Install is just running the power wire and the rear camera wire. I ran those up to the trim along the windshield and along the driver side. I went easy/lazy and ran the rear camera wire along the roll bar. The power went under the trim then under the floor mat and up into the console. I might at...
  19. Bronco Raptor on 39s

    I couldn't stand the lack of visibility with the stock setup. Bought a Wolfbox 900 dash cam that uses a rear view mirror as a video screen. The view is adjustable from extremely wide to stock like. I have the camera mounted to the rear window. Others have put it on the third brake light...
  20. 2024 Bronco Raptor Review by The Straight Pipes

    You courted FOMOCO for 555 days. :) Broncos are just objects, you won't hurt its feelings by upgrading.