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  1. Trim screw tail light part number

    I need to replace one of the trim screws in the tailgate. It was stripped from the factory, but made worse when I upgraded my reverse bulbs. Does anyone have the part number?
  2. Double/reverse bronco emblems

    I just got these off Amazon with no real plan on how to use them, but I know some others have talked about putting these on the fenders in lieu of the original fridge magnets or script. They are metal, painted, and have 3M already installed. One of them is scuffed up, but that’s easily fixed...
  3. Budget tube steps

    I just installed these 3” TAC tube steps for 4 door Broncos, and at $170 I couldn’t be happier. They look good, and feel sturdy. Direct bolt on in about 30 minutes. I’m very certain the plastic inserts will fade and crack over time, the Arizona sun does that. But at this price they look great...
  4. Less graphics package?

    My order now lists a “less graphics package” included, I don’t remember it being there before. Does anyone know what this is?