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  1. How to move existing order to new dealer?

    I've searched, but could not find, threads for moving an existing order to another dealer. I'm sure I have to contact Ford to do this. I know it's been discussed on here many times. Anyone have any more info on this? Thanks.
  2. Options not available?

    Anyone been told the 2.7 and MIC are unavailable for orders at this time?
  3. MIC and water leak / seal issues anyone?

    Anyone have experience to share with the replacement MIC and rain? Any leak or seal issues?
  4. Deciphering Ford's reservations

    Placed a reservation on 8/10/21 (4 Dr, BD, MIC, w/Tow). Completed order with a signed price sheet. I have a reservation #, dealer has an order # but website still shows "ready to order" is this common and what does it mean?