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  1. List of Technical Service Bulletin TSB

    Hate to resurrect this thread, but I'm having this exact issue when In 4a along with some clicking happening at the same time. Has anyone seen a TSB on this issue?
  2. Rivian shocks with R2, R3, R3X reveals! $45K starting price, 0-60 under 3 secs, 300+ miles range, NACS port

    That's exactly what I was thinking when I saw it. lancia delta integrale for sure.
  3. Falken launches Falken Wildpeak A/T4W all-terrain tires

    Which sidewall design did you go with? Just tough to tell in the picture, but it looks like the less aggressive one?
  4. Any mountain pics?

    Top of Mosquito pass, almost 13,200 ft.
  5. Ford winch kit frame reinforcement brackets?

    I haven't seen any discussion about the ability to order the Ford reinforcements that comes with the winch mount. I assumed I'll need to go aftermarket when I make that step.
  6. Ultimate Black Diamond Non-Sasquatch pics thread

    Amazing shots! Thanks for sharing!
  7. NEW: Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac RT Tires

    Yeah, the weights are crazy, but for me it looks like they are going to make a 34 inch option that isn't E load rated. Only option currently is the Toyos and I'm not a fan, so a new option that is this tire and hopefully at least performs as well as the AT3 in snow, etc is a HUGE win IMO...
  8. Black Diamond lift/suspension upgrade

    How is the ride quality versus the stock generals? I'm really wanting to go to 34s or 35s, but moving from a c load to e load tire concerns me for what the affects will be.
  9. Okay, let's see them. Your favorite picture for 2023!

    Okay...I have to ask what location this is.
  10. Okay, let's see them. Your favorite picture for 2023!

    Texas two step was fun...but you broke it? No bueno. Lol
  11. Interior tablet mounting solutions?

    I've used this one that clamps on the center console grab handle for a small android tablet and it's been pretty good so far. https://www.vortexsigns.com/phone-mounts/ford-phone-table-mounts/vortex-maxi-ford-bronco-phone-mount-tablet
  12. 1095 Days and Waiting - Terrible Very Bad Update

    Crazy! Is your order still the Wildtrack? Or did you switch to a heritage or something? You are a very patient person. We love our bronco, but not sure I could have waited as long as you.
  13. SFR - StinkyFab Racing begins Bronco Product Production

    Mine would be the steel bash plate.
  14. SFR - StinkyFab Racing begins Bronco Product Production

    @StinkBug those bumpers look great! Just checked the site, and maybe I missed it, but does the front bumper work with the stock front skid plate?
  15. Blown M190 on Hells Gate <-Video proof

    Sounds crunchy. Lol. Definitely a pucker moment if I were driving. I'm guessing you figured it would happen at some point with the 190 and the 37s, etc?
  16. DV8 Offroad Black Friday Sale | Up to 40% Off

    Do you forsee any single items being included on some kind of sale, or are you guys keeping it to just bundles?
  17. Ford Performance Tune for WT or should I pass?

    That is the absolute best news possible. I was gonna wait till I swapped out the tires before grabbing the tuner, but it may happen earlier now.