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  1. Christmas tree transporting without roof rack?

    Insurance is turned off.
  2. Christmas tree transporting without roof rack?

    It just hit me. How is everyone getting a Christmas tree home without roof racks? Hard top. F-150 is in storage. Never even thought about it…🤦‍♂️
  3. Red Neon Lights

    Red Neon Lights make the Hot Pepper Red look sweet!
  4. Shiny

    They sure clean up nice when they are new.
  5. Window Rattle

    Does not happen on mine.
  6. Toll Scanners and your key

    So, I was leaving the airport parking lot last night. I used checkout with a toll scanner. As I finished paying and the gate rose, my Bronco quit and locked up. I tried starting, but I received and error message that a key was not recognized. The attendant came out within a few minutes...
  7. Window Rattle

    A little backstory. My wife has a 22, 4 door OBX soft top. I have a 23, 4 door OBX hard top. The windows on my wife’s OBX rattle pretty good when partially down. Mine do not. We have discussed the window rattle with the dealer a few times. They say that it is not a known issue, there isn’t...
  8. Aeroskin II Bug Deflector installed

    Nice color…
  9. Aeroskin II Bug Deflector installed

    We drove on the highway yesterday with the front panels off. I could talk just fine. I don’t think the wind noise is too much.
  10. Aeroskin II Bug Deflector installed

    Installed my Aeroskin bug deflector today. I think it looks pretty good. I’ll give a report on functionality after about a week or so of driving.
  11. Meet Jose Jalapeño on a Stick

    With the Hot Pepper Red, it w Agree 100%. I will be posting pictures from different lighting.
  12. Meet Jose Jalapeño on a Stick

    Jose Jalapeño for short. Ordered 6/26, picked up today. Outer Banks, hard top, high package. Love the HPR color. Always changing tint.
  13. Hello

    Just joined. Can’t wait to read tips and tricks. I pick up my Bronco tomorrow. Pics to come.