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  1. TPMS Lesson Learned; Two Flat Tires in Two Days!

    Traveling on Highway 1 and 101 from Carmel, CA to Seattle, my stock SAS Goodyears picked up some gnarly foreign objects. Lots of construction happening. The first event started yesterday with a TPMS alert at 27 psi on the front pax tire. Pulled over, used my engine-mounted ARB and filled it...
  2. 2 Door Love: MetalTech Rock Slider Step Installed

    Got new Rock Slider Steps installed on my 2 Door WildTrack today. Headed down to Newberg OR., on my way to Palm Desert and visited the MetalTech shop, who kindly did the install for me. They are beefy, stout, great welds, gorgeous powdercoat slides that mount to the frame...
  3. 2 Door Cargo Containment

    Raingler Nets and Barriers offers 2 door Bronco owners a solution to cover/contain our cargo with our hard tops removed. No drilling or modification required. I offered up my 2 dr WildTrak to Raingler for product prototype and fit checks. They made a cargo net that attaches at the hardtop...
  4. Sand Dunes!!

    Hey ya'll!! Headed to the sand dunes in Florence, OR for the PNW Bronco Roundup. Any tips for a virgin WildTrack? (Stay classy plz) Cat.
  5. Washington Sold: For Sale: MRT King of the Hill Dual Tip Black Ops Exhaust

    If you are looking for an agressive and sporty aftermarket exhaust for your Bronco, I have one for sale. Works with 2.3 or 2.7 exhaust systems. I easily bolted it on the first night I got my WildTrak (March 14th, 2022, 900 miles). Unfortunately, my SO is uncomfortable with the interior sound...
  6. The all new Electric Brawley

    Hmmmm... Reserve with just $100 down. Hope they don't follow the Ford model. Interesting artical: https://robbreport.com/motors/cars/vanderhall-brawley-electric-off-roader-1234652609/
  7. DELIVERY CHECKLIST (OCD Version) for Expectant Bronco Owners

    Here is a link to the OCD (Owners Delivery Checklist) that you can use/print-out when taking delivery of your new Bronco. The items in this list, all reported by Bronco6g members, are mainly Quality & Manf issues that can be seen during your acceptance. Members have been providing this list to...
  8. 📝 UPDATE Dec 12th: My Letter to the Ford Executive Team: Submitted Customer Feedback Proposal and Response

    UPDATE DEC 12TH: Received another call this morning from the Ford Executive Office, advising me of their documented process to receive Customer Feedback. We are to contact the, CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP CENTER, AT 1-800-392-3673. For the 3rd time, I lobbied for a way to open communication...
  9. Bronco Maintenance Schedule

    Found this easy-to-read Maintenance Schedule put together by Lucas Ford: https://www.lucasmotorcompany.com/2021-ford-bronco-maintenance-burlington-nj.htm
  10. Washington Greenlane Offroad Offering 4"Tall Grill Guards

    Greenlane is offering a 4" tall grill guard, in addition to their 6" and 13" inch tall models. i am ordering the 4". Pics they e-mailed today of unfinished aluminum off 4" and 6" grill guards. Very reasonably priced. https://greenlaneoffroad.com/
  11. Broncos for Sale in Anacortes

    Frontier Ford in Anacortes has 2 mannequin Broncos for sale...both 4 doors. BL and BB. That's who I have my Day 2 reservation with.