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  1. JTops Memorial Day Sale

    I’ve got no problem with a price increase given extra functionality, and it doesn’t need to completely detach in the front. Leave your front strip and hooks connected, just add a zipper to the rear side in a u pattern toward the back. For a 4-door this would be one long zipper starting from...
  2. JTops Memorial Day Sale

    @JTopsUSA Any possibility of your next gen to have marine-grade zippers along the sides? I love the mesh top, but a lot of times on the trail I want full open air experience. Would just need to add in some strips of extra stitching and zippers similar to a boat canvas.
  3. What genius at Ford?

    which way does the tongue go where the ball is attached. Is it swooping up or down? If up, then flip the ball over to the other side.
  4. What genius at Ford?

    I have no idea what you’re talking about. The hitch works like any other. Plenty of room for a normal trailer. If you’re looking to attach a bike rack or similar, then you may need a short extension piece...
  5. Now Available: HAVOC Offroad® California Brief Top

    I really wish someone would make one of these with marine grade zippers along the rails so one could easily roll back the top when full sunshine/air is desired and then just zip it closed when shade/cover is desired.
  6. Soft top squeak

    I’ve got this problem too, only it’s with the top fully closed. I’ve applied 3 tubes worth of krytox on every rubber seal, joint, and nook and cranny I can find and it still squeaks like a screaming mouse every bump I hit. Anyone have a dealer fix this for them?
  7. Finally...the Bronco Pickup!

    Between that and the new concept Taco potentially coming out, I’d go with the Taco, but I prefer old-school looks.
  8. Order tracking

    The pizza tracker thingy is notoriously horrible. This thread can help (and there are other threads as well): https://www.bronco6g.com/forum/threads/where-is-my-bronco-how-to-track-order-delivery-info-thread-updated-december-9-2022.60882/
  9. Great Birthday Gift!

    Our Bronco club had a local dude put some together for us, attempting to make a poster of all the members.
  10. Any mountain pics?

    Various spots in and around Colorado:
  11. Baja Design lights adjustments

    I’d take a look at the bracket they used to connect the lights to the bumper. There is likely some play in the holes for those bolts. Any decent bracket should have plenty of room to adjust the lights as needed. The bracket bolts should be snug, not tight. Then for adjustment, go find a...
  12. Powered Running Boards recommendations?

    I put the Rockslide Engineering slider steps on mine. They’ve been great so far. They’ve taken some hits on the trail quite well and are the perfect item to let my wife and kids get in and out with ease. I did blow a fuse in them the other day when riding a trail in the snow/cold. My...
  13. 7 pin wiring harness installation?

    There are a few threads that cover this. If I remember right, the wiring is a bit of a pain for finding a connection point for the brakes. I think one of the spots mentioned was tying into the third brake light wire...
  14. Replacement BRONCO Grille Letters in brushed silver?

    I’m hoping someone comes out with this along with a chrome bumper set and chrome door handles.
  15. Rock Rails & Steps

    There are steps/stirrups that can hang on and attached to the factory rock rails. I ended up going with the Rockslide Engineering power step rails. They are spendy but worth it in my opinion. https://www.bronco6g.com/forum/threads/side-steps-for-oem-rock-rails.69743/...
  16. 15% OFF WARN winches!!!

    Depends on what you want for functionality, looks, and what your budget is. There are a bunch of 3rd party bumpers on the market now that work with winches. You could also attach a winch to the factory bumper. There are also 2 options for putting the winch under the bumper and front skid...
  17. 15% OFF WARN winches!!!

    I was shocked to see this. I’ve been thinking about pulling the trigger on a winch system / bracket for a few months now. I went to see what winch option i wanted a couple days ago, decided, then went to go grab it today and had a magic 15% off! Awesome timing, and I’m really looking forward...
  18. Lobo hidden winch mount installed

    Bumping this thread to see if anyone has any further reviews of the Lobo or RC winch mounts?
  19. Windshield washer not working -- no fluid coming out

    I’ve had the same issue once a few weeks back. It happened to be a very cold day so I chalked it up to maybe something had frozen up (though I thought washer fluid was designed not to freeze easily). I made sure the reservoir was full, but it just didn’t work the entire way home from the...
  20. Colorado Sold: (FREE) Rear Bumper from ‘22 Badlands Sasquatch

    I swapped my bumper out for a 3rd party one. This bumper only saw about 500 miles before I took it off, and I’m sick of it sitting on my garage floor, so this item is free for anyone local-ish (Colorado and neighboring states) that cares to take it. I’m willing to drive halfway to you for...