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  1. Daily Drive Overlanding Bronco?

    Curious how many chose this path: 1) Built an Overlanding Bronco with all the amenities (RTT, Awning, Gear, Etc etc) and have chosen this would not be a preferred daily driver, constantly getting dirty (mine has so many nooks & crannys)? 2) Bought a second vehicle to be that daily driver in...
  2. Washington SOLD 2023 Front Capable Bumper

    Removed with 400 miles on Bronco. Includes Fogs, Tow Hooks & ACC cover but no wire harness or sensors. $375
  3. ARB Summit Bumper & Camera

    Anybody have or seen a pic of what the front camera shows if left in the grill and ARB Summit bumper installed?
  4. Rear Bumper to Match Summit

    Well I decided to cancel my previous order of another aftermarket rear bumper for 2 reasons. Reason #1 the stack BADLANDS/SAS rear bumper is actually pretty nice and matches the ARB Summit I have very nicely. Reason #2 my hope is ARB decides to develop a rear bumper that matches the Summit...
  5. ORACLE BRONCO grill letters install glitches?

    Installed my grill letters yesterday w backlight amber. Did a little research and was suggested for other lights to tap into fuse#9 (ignition coils). This would make them always on. 2 glitches: 1) The B did not work. After all my precise wire connecting, shrink fit joints, black tape to clean...
  6. RCI Skids Installed

  7. Washington SOLD 2023 Badlands Signature headlights

    New signature headlights taken off Badlands-Sasquatch-Lux Bronco @ 80miles on ODO Perfect factory condition Prefer local pickup but can ship at your expense $800
  8. Washington 2023 SAS Suspension

    Full set of suspension takeoffs @ 80miles on ODO. Perfect factory condition. Includes UCA if you need it Local pickup only as shipping would kill any deal $800
  9. Washington SOLD 2023 SAS takeoffs (80miles on ODO)

    (5) wheels/tires taken off Bronco @ 80miles. Perfect condition. Includes all lug nuts and TPMS Local pickup only as shipping would kill any deal Zip Code 98012 $2000
  10. QuickJack Lift

    I have a 5000lb QJ but debating on upgrading to 7000lb version. Anyone using these and with a lifted on 37s rig, what is height from ground to lifting points? The QJ have a max 24.5" lift and I wonder how high it must start/contact from. https://www.quickjack.com/car-lifts/7000tlx/
  11. Aftermarket bump stop that mounts OUTSIDE the shock?

    Anyone found an aftermarket bump stop that mounts OUTSIDE the shock? I assembled OME Nitrochargers w/o bump stops and need to decide if I should tear them apart to install internal bump stops.
  12. 4WP Future

    I'm hearing rumblings of company buyout or going outta business?? Considering a 4WP UCA but concerned if no future support/warranty. What's going on???
  13. What suspension for Overlanding With Weight?

    What suspension are you guys choosing for Overlanding with weight? I added up my add ons (Gobi, RTT, front/rear steel bumpers, winch, skids, sliders, moles, ARB compressor, fridge, gear) and is above 900lbs extra. I’ve done tons of research and still undecided on suspension. The 3 I’m focused on...
  14. Sasquatch Top Hats

    I’m considering the OME Nitro suspension which requires use of SAS top hats and I suspect the rubber spring support as well. My Bronco will have SAS suspension and can use my top hats, but if I can find a source for these ports, then my SAS suspension is sellable. Any thoughts to find these...
  15. Things to inspect upon delivery?

    Picking up my Bronco in a week or 2 and have followed this forum for a couple years, listened to all the complaints, issues, etc and wondering if anyone has documented the highlights to inspect as you're picking up the Bronco at the dealer. A laundry list of must look ats. So many have gotten...
  16. Powder Coated Recovery Points Eruption Green

    To match my EG Bronco best I'm thinking of powder coating the ARB Summit bumper RED recovery points in a matching green. Prismatic Powders told me today their GREEN MCQUEEN is their best match. Anyone used this color to powder coat something similar? The swatches on the internet are not always...
  17. Washington SOLD TrailRax 4dr with accessory rack

    New Still in box TrailRax for 4dr Bronco. Configured for 40" lightbar and includes side accessory racks. Price $1800 Local Pick Up ONLY 98012
  18. Don't lose faith, she's coming one day!!!

    I've been a Bronco fan and highly anticipated the release of this updated/retro version for the last seems like 10yrs. So many speculations as to looks, size, specs, etc etc and once I saw one and sat in it, I was hooked. It took me a while to get prepared to commit to purchasing one but I...
  19. Light Switches beyond AUX

    Curious what style and where most are locating extra light,etc switches that are beyond the 6 AUX factory switches? I’m starting to plan out my switch usage: 1) 40” Lightbar in front on Rack 2) Ditch lights 3) Side campground lights mounted to something 4) Rear bumper lights inside the bumper...
  20. UCA rubber or poly-greasable inner joints

    BDS offers a nice UCA with rubber bushings w/o need for greasing. Others offer a poly joint with grease fittings. Thoughts on pros/cons of either choice other than the obvious (you can grease the poly)