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  1. North Carolina 2023 Halogen Tail Lights

    Tail lights out of a 2023 with 3,600 miles in perfect condition. It includes both mounting brackets bulbs and wire harnesses. $220 and can pick up around Charlotte NC or shipped at buyer's expense.
  2. Best Bang for your Buck on the 42,000 Points

    As the title says, what is the Best Bang for your Buck on the 42,000 Points? I'm thinking of the 2 door bags for $20 after the points but would like your opinion on what to get. I do all my maintenance, so I don't need that. TIA
  3. Add Navigation to the 8" Infotainment

    Browsing over the threads related to upgrading the 8" screen to the 12", I saw that some owners of Broncos with the 8" screen already have navigation installed. If this is possible, I assume some hardware will need to be added like an antenna. Has anyone programmed NAV to the base screen?
  4. Co-Pilot360 Safety Additions

    Has anyone been able to activate additional safety Co-Pilot360 items from the mid package to the base? I would assume most of these upgrades are software related. I understand the high package includes hardware upgrades for the ACC.
  5. Has Anyone Retrofitted ACC to a Base Bronco?

    Like the title implies, has anyone retrofitted Adaptive Cruise Control to a Base Bronco? I've seen the thread about someone adding it to a high build vehicle but am curious if the wiring is all there on a Base. TIA
  6. Did Ford remove the 2 door tank skidplate?

    I was building a 2024 to find the new lowest price for a 2 door V6 Sasquatch and saw this: It could also be interpreted as the tank skid being standard and not part of this package.
  7. North Carolina Sold: Base Steering Wheel from a 2023

    For those that want to send their steering wheel to get wrapped in leather bud don't want to disable their Bronco, this is a good alternative. Perfect shape, from a 2023 Bronco. $175
  8. Spare Tire TPMS

    Is there a way to add the pressure reading for the spare with all the other tires?
  9. North Carolina 2014 Chevrolet Volt Premier

    Are the 14-16 MPG from your Bronco bothering you a little? Want to keep the miles off your pride and joy? Have you gone overboard on off road mods and your commute is not as enjoyable as it was? Have a kid that needs a safe, economic car? Do you hate EVs so much you want to block that snotty...
  10. North Carolina Sold: 2012 Jeep Wrangler 4X4 2 Door 6 Speed Manual $21,500

    Maybe you are waiting a few years for your new Bronco and don't want to buy a brand new Jeep while you wait? This is the vehicle for you! Very reliable, and extremely low miles. Don't want to rub it in (too much!) but my Bronco FINALLY made it to the dealer, so it's time to move on. 2012 Jeep...
  11. Any Plug In 7 Pin Options Out There?

    Our Bronco should be arriving at the dealership in a few weeks and I need a 7 pin to connect to my boat (only needs reverse for the brake lockout), and was wondering if there are any plug in options out there?
  12. How Good or Bad are the Base LED Headlights?

    As the title states, how are the base LED headlights for normal night driving? I know that my halogen Jeep JK headlights were horrible and owners were pretty much forced to upgrade.
  13. Ford Raptor TRD, How to Make your Ford Reliable!

    Took the wife to see one of her bucket list items, Mt. Rushmore. While in Rapid City SD, saw this secret program vehicle from Ford on an attempt to improve reliability! Looks like hiring the "Quality Czar" Josh Haliburton is paying off...
  14. What is the Universe Trying to Tell Me?

    While on vacation in Colombia last week, this is the picture of the shower caddy... Does this means my order will be scheduled soon?
  15. Dealership Recommendations?

    Hi, newbie here. I plan to order a 2022 2 door soon. My trusty 2012 Wrangler 2 door is 10 now and I should be looking for a replacement. My Wrangler only has 36k miles and in perfect shape so I don't need a vehicle now, I can wait as long as it takes, don't care. I know we have a Vendor /...