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  1. Tailgate rattle TSB for 2021-2022 Broncos built on or before July 25, 2022

    i have had this rattle since i got it. brought it up to ford service advisors before but its random so its hard to diagnose. Its worse in cooler temps month than hot.
  2. Sarconus

    Central TX Bronco Club

    recently did this on my Bronco but i sent back the ODBC Connector since i couldnt adjust the speakers with that version i picked up. Was able to do everything else, Tire size, Double Honk, Sports mode, and auto start stop off. You can get a free 2 month trail of the license for Forscan then all...
  3. Grumpster Bronco took Overall Best of Show

    Congratulations! I am sure you were very excited to hear the news.
  4. Leakage of what looks like crusty white dried salt water

    wait a minute. I have the same stuff on the seal of my garage door. no joke. its not on the bronco but on the floor. It rained last week so i attributed that to the rain.
  5. Show us your installed wheel / tire upgrades here! (Pics)

    37x12.50xr17, KMC Wheels and Eibach 2.0 shocks/coilovers lift.
  6. Sarconus

    Central TX Bronco Club

    The next outing is this Sunday at Hidden Falls.
  7. 3W floor mats : You should reconsider your BRONCO floor mat and select one perfectly match🧐

    Does the rear mat cover the hooks? From the pictures online it appears so.
  8. Bucked / Ducked how to stop it?

    have you posted pictures of your ride? I am curious how it looks.
  9. Anyone running the Allied Expedition Tailgate Reinforcement?

    I purchased and installed this one. Not bad but i really dont like the fact that it sit on top of the paint behind the tire. I put electrical tape behind it in attempt to prevent paint ware.
  10. how did you handle first stone chip on body?!

    took paint of my front two doors the one and only time i removed them to see what its all about. Two weeks ago i scratched up two of my rims off roading. Its an off road vehicle, scratch and dents part of the charm.
  11. Texas DFW - (5) 2022 Wildtrak Tires/Wheels/Lug nuts Take-offs, $2100.00

    been looking for some take offs to replace the 33's on badlands. will keep eye on your post.
  12. Jeep exits China

    Yea trying to delete this post.
  13. Jeep exits China

    Saw this news post this morning. Nm just in china https://www.thestreet.com/technology/jeep-quietly-leaves-huge-market
  14. Rest your Turbos when you park before turning off car?

    during start up your rpms are usually around 1200 rpms. I wait until the engine has warmed up and i wait until the rpms drop down to 800 for idling.