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  1. Michigan Sold: WTB: 2 door OEM roof rack

    Looking for a roof rack to install on my ‘23 base 2-door.
  2. Uneven hood/trail sight gaps

    Ok! Here’s the deal. I owned my bronco for about a month before someone pulled out at a red light (on Valentine’s Day!) and I plowed into their front quarter panel. More details on that fiasco here. I originally picked up my “repaired” Bronco on Memorial Day weekend. Since then, I have had my...
  3. Are steelies realistic, long term?

    Hey all! I’ll jump right to it… for those of you who are steelies diehards, any signs of how difficult these are gonna be to maintain? Literally from day one - when my dealer swapped the stock Duellers for 33” Wildpeaks - I had scratches down to bare metal in several places. The dealer did...
  4. Fragile electronic junk? Post-crash error codes issue

    Hi. Long story short, somebody pulled out in front of me at an intersection and caused about $15k worth of damage on my three-week-old ‘23 Bronco Base. That was in early February and here we are in mid-May and I still don’t have my Bronco back. by early April, the body shop/service department...
  5. The 2023 Shadow Black Base Experience

    Hi. I’ve been a Bronco enthusiast since I was 5ish years old and my dad brought home a Bronco II as a “demo” from the Ford dealership he managed. I celebrate the similarities between the 6G and BII. Of course, I like the first gen bronco as well. Gens 2-5 are cool too, just bigger than anything...
  6. Michigan WTB - 2 Door OEM Rock Rails

    In Detroit area but willing to drive a couple hours (or so) to get a clean set for my 2 door Base Bronco. DM me if you're looking to get rid of your take-offs! Thanks.
  7. Black Diamond is the “goth” heritage edition. Prove me wrong.

    Of course it’s not apples to apples. But I’m good with being on the “dark side” with my BD and it’s dark MIC top, flares, and black steelies…
  8. Detroit Free Press names Bronco 2022 SUV of the Year

    https://www.freep.com/story/money/cars/mark-phelan/2022/01/02/2022-free-press-suv-year-ford-bronco-brings-new-ideas-off-roading/9031738002/ 2022 Free Press SUV of the Year: Ford Bronco brings new ideas and tech to off-roading
  9. HD Mod Bumper 2022 Availability

    I just checked with my dealer on my order (2022 Base, 2.3L, auto, aux switches, roof rack, HD bumper) and Ford told him that if we want to see the Bronco delivered in 2022, the HD bumper needs to be removed from the order. Delivery won't happen until 2023 with the HD bumper. To be clear, I am a...