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  1. Exodus 4x4 Bronco

    2021 Ford Bronco Big Bend. 30k miles, 2.3 with 10 speed. M210 front, M220 rear both have lockers and geared to 4.10 for a final drive of 5.0 at the wheels. 74Weld Portals and billet steering rack with Ford Performance internals. Raceline forged beadlocks +25 offset (hardware will be replaced)...
  2. Portals and Pro-X update

    Its been a minute since I've posted anything regarding our Bronco build, and in light of recent events I feel now is an appropriate time for an update. Right before Christmas we received the first set of portals from 74Weld and got right on the install. We did things a little different than...
  3. 74Weld Bronco Portals

    Looks like 74Weld is a lot closer than previously thought. Can’t wait to get our hands on a set!
  4. 74Weld billet steering rack is ready!

    The True Fix for Ford Bronco Weak Steering Well, after a couple of revisions I can safely say this rack is capable and bad ass! I’ve taken it out a few times and beat the rack pretty hard with every intention of breaking something. I had it bound up extremely hard quite a few times and had...
  5. The Parts Room Bronco Review

    We started a new podcast that is available on Spotify WITH video and eventually on Apple if they ever approve it. Anyways, our fist episode was a review of the Bronco with Tony Payne who just jumper from his Jeep Wranger to his FE Bronco. Check it out. I’m sure we suck since it’s our first...
  6. We finally got one!

    After a lot of run around with our local dealer in New Braunfels we finally gave up and bought one from another dealer. Big Bend, 2.3 auto, mid package. Nothing fancy but we plan on making a bunch of changes anyways so it’s perfect. So far, it’s better than any Jeep I’ve driven off the lot.
  7. Howdy from Texas!

    Hey everyone. Just signed up and looks like we’ll be confirming our order today. Hopefully it doesn’t take too long to get it so we can start having fun. Had the opportunity of riding in one and it’s worth all the hype!