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  1. The new Boulder Mountain Edition Build .... (prototype)

    Nice build , interesting thoughts - I went a totally different direction than portals with a solid axel conversion . For off road use only - it gives me more options with hydro steering to push big tires -way more flex in custom suspension. understand not for everybody we purchased a salved...
  2. California 4 door oem hardtop

  3. California 4 door oem hardtop

    For sale 4 door oem hard top version 2 Factory recall from dealer replacement . Total 4 pieces with glass - sound deadening carpet liner new mint condition- I have 2 other aftermarket tops and have no use for this . located Martinez ca $7,500
  4. Rock Slide Engineering (RSE) Rail Reliability

    I abuse the heck out out of mine - rubicon -moab - water crossings - have no issues
  5. California Gofsr evolution rooftop tent for sale

    Gofsr free spirit evolution rooftop tent for sale openbox item never used comes with all mount hardware /ladder local pick up only - Martinez ca $2300
  6. Control Arm & Shock Skid Plates from Metalcloak

    Its a no for me - I called to ask about product very rude and they explained to me Broncos do not belong on my local Rubicon trail.
  7. Some fun and not so much fun... trail riding with a bad ending (alternator failure)

    I had mine go out while snow wheeling - also had 2 friends had there's go out in water crossings -maybe a relocation bracket higher up is worth making ?
  8. Is the B&O really that bad?

    I was really disappointed-actually shocked seeing they used the cheapest quality paper speakers.
  9. 2 Door Sasquatch Wildtrak takes on Moab Round 2

    I was there also - mine is the one that was on the delivery transport truck that rolled on highway

    I also had to change to higher spring rates in front and rear - only because added weight
  11. XPEL Stealth & 39s on my Bronco Raptor

    yes a very small difference not enough strength for big tires 39-40-43 going to have to upgrade. There are great videos online threw bronco buster or 73 weld explaining the breakdown .
  12. XPEL Stealth & 39s on my Bronco Raptor

    The best solution right now is bronco buster has parts for the raptor steering rack ,also 73 weld rack is pricy - your axels will snap offroad with that big of tire, replace with dana set - buy a extra set of tie rods there easy to change out /still a week point on bigger tires the ball joint...
  13. XPEL Stealth & 39s on my Bronco Raptor

    Good idea to upgrade your axels -steering rack/tie rods , if you have not allready .
  14. Another Bronco w/ Broken Tie Rod stranded and recovered

    Yes - I would use all 3 components as the all work together - tire rod sleeve - bushing - case housing
  15. Another Bronco w/ Broken Tie Rod stranded and recovered

    its ridiculous how many tie rods-axels-steering racks i broken -its common thing on broncos -
  16. BAMF Bumper install. Who's done it?

    Call the shop number listed on website speak with Jerry - he may run a small batch if there’s enough interest . The one on my bronco is the prototype- overall have been real happy with it 👍🏻
  17. BAMF Soft-Topless roof rack

    its fucking awesome !!!!