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  1. 2023 Badlands Story

    Thank you and thank you for supplying new bed cover and rack for my Colorado ZR2 :)
  2. GOBI Bronco Rack Released [Official Specs & Photos]

    Looks great. Got mine mounted as well
  3. 2023 Badlands Story

    Well it’s been a while since posting. Had shoulder surgery few months back and just recovering, etc. Not much done to Bronco except mounted GOBI wind deflector….OH and ordered the last Patriot Campers X1N. Very excited to get.
  4. Let's see your roof-top Tents and camping setups!

    Hey, I LOVE my GOBI rack and no complaints. Of course there is wind noise but it’s a rack. I do have a wind deflector to mount to help but just have not had time. The tubes are powdercoated and tightly sealed. Only corrosion you‘d get is if you drill holes and not seal them. As for awning...
  5. ARB Summit Front Bumper Experiences?

    Looks great
  6. @KermitBronco ULTIMATE Badlands Build

    Looks amazing and love the color scheme. I am partial ;) Great job!!!!
  7. GOBI Bronco Rack Released [Official Specs & Photos]

    I attached a Rock Slider Engineering strap around my spare, then bought some LONG bolts and drilled 3 holes thru the boards to attach to the RSE plate. Could do somewhat similar long bolt scenario on molle panels. Do you have molle panels installed? Pics?
  8. 2023 Badlands Story

  9. GOBI Bronco Rack Released [Official Specs & Photos]

    I received the deflector yesterday and will install soon to test it out. Gobi made me special/beefy brackets to attach my awning as it’s a 270 and has high pivot loads. Works great
  10. Let's see your roof-top Tents and camping setups!

    Does it not flap in the wind a lot and scratch the RTT? I didn’t think this cover was meant to be on while driving
  11. Eruption Green Builds

  12. ERUPTION GREEN Bronco Club

    Haven’t posted in a while and not sure if on this thread but here’s mine. Too many mods to list but LOVE it!!!!
  13. GOBI Bronco Rack Released [Official Specs & Photos]

    Still waiting patiently. They said soon
  14. Daily Drive Overlanding Bronco?

    An Overlanding has amenities that some campgrounds don’t have and nothing is wrong with having those things wherever you decide to stay the night (s). An Overlanding rig is capable of the minimum to the maximum conditions and most would not want to have a camp rig and an overlanding rig.
  15. Daily Drive Overlanding Bronco?

    Sure..what I meant by hangin off is that so many nooks and crannys to get/stay dirty/wet during the winter daily driving months, hence getting a smoother, more clean Bronco Sport for that purpose. This was my only pursuit/question. Nonetheless I appreciate your input.
  16. Daily Drive Overlanding Bronco?

    Many many many Overlanding Broncos, Jeeps, Toyotas, etc are no different than mine, some even more extreme. The GOBI rack is taking all the top weight and I really don’t think it’s over weight overall. All the things I’ve added are fairly light. The HUGE 270 Bush awning is only 75lb. I’m not...