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  1. Jeep exits China

    Saw this news post this morning. Nm just in china https://www.thestreet.com/technology/jeep-quietly-leaves-huge-market
  2. Need help identitying a ding under body

    Went out today and hit a rock. Rolled on top of it and misjudged my heigth. Took a ding but doesn't feel like it has impacted the steering but just want to make sure it might no cause issues down the road Part on it say 50133e ae but can't find it online. This is front left driver side
  3. Has anyone received the 200,000 points for going from hardtop to softtop?

    Good morning, just wondering if anyone has received their points. I tried calling Ford customer service but i was denied the credits.
  4. Wondering.. If you could move the rear seats in 4 door back to create more room.

    Just a hypothetical thought. If you could move the mount points of the rear seats further back in the trunk. Would it create more leg room for the rear? I am sure it would throw off all kinds of weight distribution etc.
  5. Rubber shortage incoming apparently

    Thought i would share. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/newsletters/2021-04-14/supply-chains-latest-rubber-shortage-worries-the-auto-industry
  6. Bronco sport in san antonio, tx

    Just saw these three next to Gold's gym.