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  1. Fire Extinguisher Mounting in the Bronco - Show Your Installs

    I never once bumped it with my feet. I'm on the shorter side at 5'9" and kept my seat pretty far forward, never had any issue.
  2. [Part Number Help] Trunk floor strap broken

    The clips didn’t break. The only thing that broke is the little handle that connects to the strap itself. So I’ll probably try adding a wooden dowel and gorilla glueing the strap to it.
  3. [Part Number Help] Trunk floor strap broken

    I doubt gorilla glue will cut it. I’d be better off hacking up some other sort of dowel or something and stapling it to the strap, but it’s still a pretty poor design to begin with. $500 for a fiberglass floor… might as well go with Goose or AAL for that price and never worry about it again 😅...
  4. [Part Number Help] Trunk floor strap broken

    Looking for a replacement part number for the plastic pieces that secure the vinyl strap to the trunk bed flap that lifts up for storage + access to the scissor jack. I lifted mine yesterday, and it snapped apart without any resistance. Wondering if I somehow broke it on my last trip or if the...
  5. Bronco Wireless Charging Pad for Manual Transmission

    Don’t bother. It doesn’t ever work. iPhone 14 Pro, no matter how you orient your phone, case or no case, it doesn’t charge for more than 30seconds before cutting out. By far the most frustrating and broken part of the Bronco overall.
  6. Manual transmission scraping noise / grinding sound

    Holy shit we did it. Someone wake up |3lackrose he’s not going to believe it
  7. Bike rack that fits 2 bikes on 4-door Bronco?

    Kuat NV 2.0 and Kuat pivot owner here, love the setup. Incredibly stable and fits the bronco perfectly. It’s a bit on the pricy side for the pivot, but the build quality is ridiculously solid. I like to know the big metal hunk hanging off the back of my truck won’t fall and kill someone on the...
  8. Manual transmission scraping noise / grinding sound

    To be clear -- the TSB will not show the -D part number anywhere. The TSB has not been updated to show the superseding part. Ordering the -C synchro at this point should automatically supersede that part number and order the -D synchro, but it's smart to triple check with your service...
  9. Manual transmission scraping noise / grinding sound

    This is the TSB parts list that Ford provides for this work. The “5th and 6th gear synchronizer rings” parts are the ones that have been superseded. The original part number was MU7Z-7107-C but has been replaced by MU7Z-7107-D. You should manually confirm with your service advisor that the part...
  10. Manual transmission scraping noise / grinding sound

    I’ve got the -D rings installed now, just picked up my truck from the dealer today after the TSB work and front diff replacement. No grinding noise yet, but will report back if anything changes.
  11. Rumors on Manual Transmission’s Return?

    Yeah I wouldn’t call synchros getting destroyed with rotational wear “just a noise issue” on a brand new unit
  12. Rumors on Manual Transmission’s Return?

    I sure hope it’s a redesign or otherwise has a definitive fix for the grinding issue every other 7MT seems to have. I’m on week 6 waiting for my 7MT to come back from the TSB work.
  13. Tailgate rattle TSB for 2021-2022 Broncos built on or before July 25, 2022

    TSBs have to be shown to actually have the symptoms present. They can still say you caused the symptoms yourself with modifications all they want.
  14. Tailgate rattle TSB for 2021-2022 Broncos built on or before July 25, 2022

    I swear if they try to say my tailgate reinforcement plate and bracket caused the rattle, and refuse to do the TSB...
  15. 2024 Tacoma - Specs, Release, Photos ⚠️ Now With Hybrid 🔋

    Sure, but I’m not Max Verstappen. I just don’t want to pay $6 a gallon to drive to and from work every day and would rather charge up that hybrid battery each night and commute for free. That’s the biggest downside of my Bronco today. I love driving it nonstop, but having a low cost way to...
  16. 2024 Tacoma - Specs, Release, Photos ⚠️ Now With Hybrid 🔋

    Did I miss something in the marketing soup there? Is it not even a plug-in hybrid? At least do something like Jeep did with the 4xE where you can do your weekday commute/grocery runs for pennies without any of the range anxiety on road trips and off-roading.
  17. Adding Stabilizer Bar Disconnect from a Badlands to my Wildtrack

    These pressure sensors are almost certainly for exactly what you say -- determining whether the stabilizer has engaged correctly, or if there are faults. I'd be surprised if they had anything to do with the speed detection, as that's certainly reported over the CAN bus and the module responds by...