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  1. LOMartin

    Dealer info from 9/25 Meeting

    Ahhhhh. I’m so excited. also, whoa. You Lr granger building looks awesome.
  2. LOMartin

    Holdoff until an electric Bronco in 2022?

    LOL. Who cares what California does?
  3. LOMartin

    Photos of pre-production Broncos on the assembly line.

    God. That is beautiful. what a flawless design.
  4. LOMartin

    Mike Levine Saying Monday is a big day...

    What’s crazy uncle Levine up to now.
  5. LOMartin

    Anybody into Formula 1?

    Yeah. watching Le Mans live now on the MotorTrend app while I work on the pcar.
  6. LOMartin

    Granger Motors Bronco Pricing and clarifications for the masses

    That dealer on Facebook is playing with libal law if they continue down this path.
  7. LOMartin

    Price Difference Comparison: 2021 Bronco Pricing For All Trims (2-Door vs 4-Door)

    Damn. Accountants are great. Good work and thank for for taking the time out of your day and sharing this with us. This is a solid base where can start getting populated with additional data and displayed with a clean graphic look. literally one of the best online forums right here.
  8. LOMartin

    Another local dealership response PARKWAY Ford

    Why not tel us the ford dealer? Save your local fellow future bronco buyers from wasting their time.
  9. LOMartin

    Greetings from Baja Designs!

    Nice!!! Thanks for the discount and look forward to see what you guys come up with once you can start sharing.
  10. LOMartin

    No V4 apparently either... ;)

    Impressive how this is going over so many “car guys” heads.
  11. LOMartin

    I figured it out...🍍🍕

    Does this mean B+P is getting release now?
  12. LOMartin

    New Hyundai Body-On-Frame SUV

    Double front lights, double rear lights. pure 4Runner competition but uglier.
  13. LOMartin

    Bronco Build & Price date

    Where is the 200page B+P thread?
  14. LOMartin

    $1000 below invoice pricing in Florida .. Why Not ?

    I’m down for a group buy maybe Mullinax will play game. Richard Rosenbluth has been the one contacting me over my reservation. Anyone know this guy? if not it’s off to Granger. it’s not even the money savings I care about. It’s just the honesty and service that granger has provided. Along with...
  15. LOMartin

    Addressing Bronco Nation Friction

    For just $70 a month you too can see bronco updates a day late compared to the free information provide by true diehards on 6g. fucking joke and scam. I call them out every chance I get.