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  1. RotorOver

    Gun racks, lock boxs, CCW locations

    Posted this elsewhere, but checkout They are already listing the Bronco on their vehicle list.
  2. RotorOver

    Any Georgia dealer doing invoice price or better?

    I asked them if they would put it in writing yesterday via Facebook messenger with no response yet.
  3. RotorOver

    The Bronco trim badge is reflective - first look

    At least on an aircraft you can turn the damn things off! Now we have another use for one of those accessory switches! :cool:
  4. RotorOver

    Warthog Package?

    True. Though it's really the same with any class/brand/model of vehicle where a halo version is available. Some examples are BMW (M cars vs. M "lite" and standard # series) and Porsche (GT vs base/S/GTS). If you can stretch for that level, financially you can probably justify it.
  5. RotorOver

    Warthog Package?

    If the Raptor is any example, the difference will be a much lower rate of depreciation on a Warthog justifying the additional cost. Not that I need further justification... the damn thing flies!
  6. RotorOver

    Testing Testing. Ford Bronco Warthog Teased in Prototype Testing Image

    Just saw that as well. It implies this performance version will be a 2021!
  7. RotorOver

    Video: Why The New Bronco Works And The New Blazer Doesn't

    Had a mid-90's S-10 Blazer from new. What a piece of sh*t.
  8. RotorOver

    Ford trademarks WARTHOG name!

    Well, since you bring home the bacon, you get to call the shots! But don't be pig-headed and hog all the fun!
  9. RotorOver

    4 Door Bronco Colors 3D Model Visualized

    Great work! But this is making decisions harder instead of easier! o_O
  10. RotorOver

    Broke my own rule of never buying first year model

    I’ve bought 4 first year new vehicles in my time and can say overall my experiences have been good. The only one I had real issues with was a 2006 Jeep Commander and those issues didn’t start until 70k miles after 10 years. Lexus knocked the 2001 IS300 out of the park with the 2JZ motor and...
  11. RotorOver

    Any Georgia dealer doing invoice price or better?

    Beautiful dog! They should never be underestimated either! Have you ever seen this picture from Reddit, the handy work of a Malinos?
  12. RotorOver

    Truckvault has 2021 Bronco on their list of vehicles

    Visited the Truckvault website and they are listing the 2021 Bronco in their vehicle list. One thing that is not clear is whether 2 door and/or 4 door builds are available. They do have a table extension option.
  13. RotorOver

    2021 Bronco Survey Pricing Calculator

    @jaspercasidino Really useful Brother! Did a quick mod to incorporate Granger like pricing of $X under invoice with a discrete input cell along with input cells for Admin Fee and Doc Fee and a percentage discount to MSRP options to get to option invoice pricing (used 9.1% in this example which...
  14. RotorOver

    Badlands Sasquatch (Cactus Gray) spotted in Pennsylvania

    When I get my SAS Badlands I'm going to park on top of parking blocks, just cause I can. My revenge for the damage they've done to my lip spoilers over the years!
  15. RotorOver

    Potential Package (+ Sasquatch) Pricing Previewed in Bronco Reservation Survey Email

    Looking at a 2dr Badlands vs. Black Diamond, the Black Diamond is looking more appealing. Pricing them both with SAS, 2.7L, mod hard top (assumed $1900 price for both), and mid & high packages respectfully, the difference is $4,745. Unless you are dying for the SB DISCO & Auto on Demand 4x4...
  16. RotorOver

    Bronco Interior 360 Viewer

    Somebody will definitely be getting laid in the red & black interior if Ford made it! It won’t be me because I’m married, but somebody will!
  17. RotorOver

    Fake Engine Sounds - Kill or Keep?

    Coded it out in my BMW and pulled the fuse on my Porsche. Both sound better without the assistance.