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  1. Aut-Lin

    Antimatter Blue Thread

    I was seriously reconsidering AMB after seeing the F150, with my second choice being A51. However after seeing this all my doubts for AMB have been dissolved! :love:
  2. Aut-Lin

    Giveaway Round 2: Bronco6G Pineapple Pizza Stickers!

    The AMB Black Diamond in the front, it's pretty much set up exactly how I would like it!
  3. Aut-Lin

    What are you trading in to get your new Bronco?

    I'll be trading in my 2018 Colorado Duramax crew cab. I love the truck with the fuel mileage it gets, and for it just being a small diesel truck, however the Bronco just suits my needs better as I rarely ever use the box of the truck. Plus that 7MT tho... I miss shifting my own gears!
  4. Aut-Lin

    Let's Be Honest About Our Intended Use

    Daily driver with a longish daily commute (60km one way) and weekend warrior adventure mobile!
  5. Aut-Lin

    Roof Top Tent Options - Opinions/Favorites

    Yeah I can see why the light weight might be a concern for durability, however from the product page it would seem they've put it through its paces for testing it's toughness. They do rate it as "almost too huckable" 😂
  6. Aut-Lin

    Roof Top Tent Options - Opinions/Favorites

    I plan on going with the Go Fast Campers Superlite! Weight is said to come in around 80lbs, and the quick attach combined with the weight (or lack thereof) makes it ideal for me because I don't plan on driving around with it on all the time. Commute with it off during the week then throw it on...
  7. Aut-Lin

    Black Diamond Daily Driver

    I'll be getting a Black Diamond with 2.3L 7MT and be using it as my daily driver, with my daily commute being 60km one way (so 120kms a day!). Weekends it'll see lots of off roading, mainly forest service roads to get to camping and mountain biking. For me the BD is the perfect balance of...
  8. Aut-Lin

    2.3 EcoBoost vs 2.7 EcoBoost - Poll

    Going with 2.3L because I really would like to have a manual again! Plus I've only ever driven 4 cyls (Subaru, Jetta TDI, Colorado Duramax (current)) so I figure why change that?